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The TrueForm Trainer is a non-motorized treadmill with a gently curved running surface. It is a rugged, quality-built solution to any gym or sports facility. Designed to be virtually maintenance-free. The TrueForm Trainer is great for the environment - no electricity needed. 

Key Details

  • User-Friendly for All Ages and Skill Levels: Designed to be simple and accessible, suitable for various demographics.
  • Ideal for Team Events and Relays: Perfect for group activities, providing a seamless workout experience.
  • Budget-Conscious Alternative: Offers a cost-effective option compared to the hand-crafted Runner.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Easy to move and maneuver for both indoor and outdoor sporting events.
  • Versatile for Outdoor Challenges: Can be taken up mountains, showcasing its adaptability.
  • Robust Steel Frame Construction: A durable treadmill built to withstand heavy use.
  • Heavy-Duty Impact Absorbing Surface: Handles users up to 400 pounds at top running speed.
  • Gentle 2.5-Inch Curve: The least steep curve on the market for optimal walking, running, and sprinting form.
  • Easy and Safe Speed Control: Shallow curve allows users to effortlessly and safely control their speed.
  • Responsive Belt Technology®: Reacts to subtle movements, promoting a natural running surface and experience.
  • Instant Pace Adjustment: Users can transition seamlessly from walk to jog, sprint to stop instantly.
  • Enhanced Core Strength: Requires users to maintain balance, contributing to improved core strength.
  • Long-Term Health Benefits: Promotes better movement patterns, contributing to overall health and wellness.
  • Reduced Stress, Increased Effort: Results in less stress, 33% higher calorie burn, and more balanced movement.
  • Injury Prevention: Reduces the risk of running injuries, allowing users to run strong and stay injury-free.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 64" x 31" x 63"
  • Running Surface: 17" Wide
  • Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Inner Frame: Formed and Welded 7 Gauge Steel
  • Outer Frame: 2" Steel Tubing
  • Covers: Plastic
  • Handrails: 2" Formed Steel Tubing
  • Handrails Uprights: 6" Formed Steel Tubing
  • Paint: Light Texture Powder Coat
  • Belts: Polyurethane Reinforced
  • Tread Lower: Molded Polymer
  • Tread Surface: Molded Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Bearings: 112 Sealed Steel Ball Bearings
  • Pulleys: Injection Molded Polymer
  • Display: LCD Battery 

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