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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
Wheeleez Sandpiper All-Terrain Kids Beach Wheelchair
Wheeleez Sandpiper All-Terrain Kids Beach Wheelchair
Sale price$2,899.00 Regular price$3,200.00
Wheeleez Sandcruiser All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair
Wheeleez Sandcruiser All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair
Sale price$3,199.00 Regular price$3,950.35
DeBug Mobility EZ Roller Surf Chair With Pontoons
DeBug Mobility EZ Roller Surf Chair With Pontoons
Sale price$2,499.00 Regular price$3,124.22
DeBug Mobility All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair
DeBug Mobility All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair
Sale price$2,699.00 Regular price$3,800.00
AccessRec TerraWheels All-Terrain Beach Water Wheelchair
AccessRec TerraWheels All-Terrain Beach Water Wheelchair
Sale price$2,799.00 Regular price$3,200.00
AccessRec WaterWheels Floating Beach And Pool Chair
AccessRec WaterWheels Floating Beach And Pool Chair
Sale price$2,795.00 Regular price$3,000.00
Aquatrek2 AQ-1000 Beach / Trail Wheelchair
Aquatrek2 AQ-1000 Beach / Trail Wheelchair
Sale price$2,519.22 Regular price$3,045.88

What Are The Benefits Of Beach Wheelchairs?

Beach-water wheelchairs provide several benefits, including:

  1. Accessibility: Beach wheelchairs provide individuals with mobility impairments access to the beach and water, which they may not have had otherwise.

  2. Independence: Beach wheelchairs allow individuals with disabilities to move around the beach and enjoy the water on their own, rather than relying on assistance from others.

  3. Improved Quality Of Life: Beach wheelchairs can enhance an individual's quality of life by allowing them to participate in activities and experiences that they may have otherwise missed out on.

  4. Inclusiveness: Beach wheelchairs help promote inclusiveness by allowing individuals with disabilities to enjoy the beach and water alongside everyone else.

  5. Physical Benefits: Being in the water and participating in beach activities can have physical benefits, such as improved circulation and relaxation.

Skyward Medical Is Authorized

Skyward Medical is an authorized distributor of medical and mobility equipment that is committed to providing its customers with the best quality products at affordable prices. The company partners with leading suppliers in the industry to bring its customers a wide range of products, including beach wheelchairs, wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, and other equipment designed to aid individuals with mobility issues. As an authorized distributor, Skyward Medical only offers products that have been rigorously tested and meet the industry standards, ensuring that customers receive high-quality equipment that they can rely on.

Top 3 Most Purchased Beach Wheelchairs

DeBug Mobility All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair

The Debug Fixed Frame All Terrain Wheelchair is designed to safely provide wheelchair users with transportation across areas where a conventional wheelchair becomes unmanageable. This includes areas such as beaches, snow covered sidewalks, forest trails, etc. Debug is intended to provide decades of service life in the harshest of environments.

Key Details

  • Long Lasting #316L Stainless Steel Frame
  • Adjustable Telescopic Leg Rest
  • Fits Through a Standard ADA Doorway
  • Low Maintenance Delrin Bushings
  • Polyurethane Pneumatic Wheels Roll Across Sand, Snow and Gravel
  • Dual Stitched Sling With Tenera 130 Thread
  • Phifertex-Plus Sling Material is Machine-Washable and Resists Stretching, Mildew, Bacteria, Cold Cracks and Ultraviolet Damage

AccessRec TerraWheels All-Terrain Beach Water Wheelchair

The TerraWheels All-Terrain Beach Water Wheelchair offers a unique solution for individuals of all abilities to experience the great outdoors. With its versatility, this all-terrain wheelchair allows for easy access to areas that are not possible with traditional wheelchairs. Glide effortlessly across sand, gravel, grass, turf, and even snow-covered terrain with the TerraWheels wheelchair.

The TerraWheels makes navigating challenging spaces a breeze, thanks to its ease of use and smooth maneuverability provided by its rear swivel wheels. So, whether it's a day at the beach or a trip to the farm, you can now enjoy the beauty of nature from a comfortable front-row seat.

Key Details
  • All-Terrain: Can easily travel over various terrains, such as sand, gravel, grass and more.
  • Brake System: Rear-wheel brake system.
  • Wheels: All-terrain rubber wheels.
  • Recline: The TerraWheels seat can recline.
  • Foldable: It's easy to transport with a foldable design.
  • Material: Sturdy aluminum and stainless steel frame.
  • Maneuverability: The design of the TerraWheel makes it easy to maneuver.

AccessRec WaterWheels Floating Beach And Pool Chair

The innovative design of the WaterWheels® floating beach wheelchair enables users to transition from dry land to the water effortlessly, making it suitable for use at beaches, lakes, waterparks, and pools.

The WaterWheels® floating beach wheelchair is designed with safety and comfort in mind for wheelchair users and individuals with disabilities. Unlike traditional beach wheelchairs, WaterWheels® features high flotation armrests and wheels, allowing users to enjoy water activities with ease. The wheelchair boasts an aluminum frame and is made with stainless steel front fork and hardware, ensuring durability and resistance to saltwater corrosion. Its flotation capabilities enable it to support up to 250 lbs in both water and on dry land. To enhance comfort, WaterWheels® has 3 seat positions, including 2 reclining options and a transition seat. Furthermore, it is easily collapsible for convenient transport.

Key Details

  • RESNA Tested: WaterWheels® is the only floating wheelchair that has successfully passed the rigorous RESNA tests, as recognized by the Rehabilitation, Engineering, and Assistive Technology Society of North America.
  • Floatation: High floatation armrests and tires.
  • Foldable: Folding aluminum frame with stainless steel fork, wheel axes, and hardware.
  • UV Resistant: Quick drying backrest and seat provides durability and comfort.
  • Adjustable: 3-Position adjustable backrest
  • Quick Assembly: Can be assembled within minutes
  • Included Belts: Star chest and leg belts included

Types Of Beach Wheelchairs

There are several types of beach wheelchairs, including:

All-Terrain Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are designed to navigate over sand, gravel, and other rough terrain.

Amphibious Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are designed to transition from land to water, providing increased mobility in and around the water.

Floating Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are designed to float in the water, offering greater stability and freedom of movement.

Manual Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are powered by the user, requiring physical effort to move around.

Baby Stroller

These strollers have been designed to travel over sand and through water at the beach. They are made with material manufactured to withstand the elements.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"My long time friend got this for his father, which prompted me to get one for my brother. Best decision! DeBug makes the best beach wheelchair. The wait time is a little long, but I don't mind waiting for the chair we want." 
Keagan [Verified☆] on Sep 20, 2022

"This device is one of a kind. We're able to use it in our pool and at the beach. With the added pontoons we are able to put our family member in the water, which allows him to experience being partially submerged in the water, while still being safe." 
James Brady [Verified☆] on Jan 05, 2023

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