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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
Joerns EasyCare Hi-Low Adjustable Homecare Bed
Joerns EasyCare Hi-Low Adjustable Homecare Bed
Sale price$1,871.00 Regular price$2,541.23
Prius Descend Ultra-Low Adjustable Floor Bed
Prius Descend Ultra-Low Adjustable Floor Bed
Sale price$2,195.00 Regular price$2,950.00
Med-Mizer SelectCare Homecare Adjustable Bed
Med-Mizer SelectCare Homecare Adjustable Bed
Sale price$5,392.00 Regular price$6,500.00
Med-Mizer Comfort Wide EX-8000 Bariatric Adjustable Bed
Med-Mizer Comfort Wide EX-8000 Bariatric Adjustable Bed
Sale price$5,975.00 Regular price$6,800.00
Med-Mizer Floor Level Low Bed
Med-Mizer Floor Level Low Bed
Sale price$3,258.00 Regular price$4,000.00
Med-Mizer AllCare C Floor Height Low Bed
Med-Mizer AllCare C Floor Height Low Bed
Sale price$3,258.00 Regular price$4,000.00

What Are The Benefits Of Trendelenburg Beds?

Trendelenburg beds, also known as adjustable or tilt beds, are designed with a unique feature that allows the entire bed frame to tilt at an angle, with the head of the bed lower than the foot. This positioning offers several potential benefits in various medical and non-medical scenarios:

  1. Post-Surgery Recovery: Trendelenburg positioning is often used in post-operative care, especially for abdominal and pelvic surgeries. This position can help prevent complications such as blood pooling in the lower extremities, aid in drainage, and improve respiratory function.
  2. Cardiac Conditions: In some cases, raising the legs above the heart (reverse Trendelenburg) can improve blood circulation and reduce strain on the heart. This can be beneficial for patients with certain cardiac conditions.
  3. Respiratory Support: Trendelenburg position can assist patients with breathing difficulties, as it encourages better lung expansion and ventilation.
  4. Shock and Hypotension: The head-down position can help increase blood flow to the brain and vital organs, which can be important for patients in shock or with low blood pressure.
  5. Blood Circulation: Adjusting the bed's position can help enhance blood flow, which can aid in recovery from injuries, surgeries, or conditions that affect circulation.
  6. Muscle Strengthening: Patients undergoing physical therapy can benefit from adjustable beds to perform specific exercises at varying angles, facilitating muscle strengthening and range of motion.
  7. Pressure Redistribution: Changing the angle of the bed can help shift pressure points on the body, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers for individuals who are immobile or bedridden.
  8. Back Pain: For some people with lower back pain, elevating the legs can relieve pressure on the lumbar spine and provide comfort.
  9. Leg Swelling: Elevating the legs can aid in reducing swelling and edema, which is particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions like venous insufficiency.
  10. GERD and Acid Reflux: Sleeping at an incline can help prevent stomach acid from flowing back into the esophagus, offering relief for individuals with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or acid reflux.
  11. Reading and Watching TV: Adjusting the bed's position can provide more comfortable angles for activities like reading, watching TV, or using electronic devices.
  12. Improved Sleep: Some people find an inclined position more comfortable for sleeping, and it may also help alleviate snoring.

Skyward Medical Is Authorized

Skyward Medical is an authorized distributor of medical and mobility equipment that is committed to providing its customers with the best quality products at affordable prices. The company partners with leading suppliers in the industry to bring its customers a wide range of products, including wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, and other equipment designed to aid individuals with mobility issues. As an authorized distributor, Skyward Medical only offers products that have been rigorously tested and meet the industry standards, ensuring that customers receive high-quality equipment that they can rely on.

Top 2 Most Purchased Trendelenburg Beds

Med-Mizer Floor Level Low Bed

Key Details

  • Low Chair: Allows the user to sit in a modified chair-like position close to the ground.
  • Low Deck Height: Deck height is 3.6 inches, and the mattress height is typically an additional 6 inches.
  • Fall Protection: Beneficial for individuals at risk of falls, as it reduces the impact in case of a fall.
  • Safety: Provides the comfort and support of a chair with the head and knees raised for added safety.
  • Cardiac Chair: Utilizes the Reverse Trendelenburg position to offer a chair-like experience while in bed.
  • Activities: Ideal for activities like eating, watching TV, or accessing an overbed table comfortably.
  • Relieves Stress: Relieves pulmonary and/or respiratory stress in some patients.
  • Trendelenburg: Allows the user to lie flat with the lower legs elevated.
  • Reduced Swelling: Helpful in reducing swelling of the lower extremities.
  • Reverse Trendelenburg: Allows the user to lie flat with the head elevated.

Med-Mizer SelectCare Homecare Adjustable Bed

Key Details

  • Width Adjustments: Bed width choices of 36”, 39”, or 42” at no additional costs
  • Mattress Length: Accommodates mattress lengths of 80” or 84”
  • Advanced Features: Includes Advanced Positioning Capabilities
  • Weight Scale: Optional Integrated Scale

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I can't express enough how much the this Med-Mizer bed has transformed my life, particularly in managing my acid reflux. This bed is nothing short of a amazing, and I am incredibly grateful for the relief it has provided me."

Lilith G. [Verified☆] 

"For years, I've struggled with persistent lower back discomfort that would often keep me up at night and make everyday activities a challenge. I had tried countless remedies, from special pillows to elaborate sleeping setups, but nothing seemed to provide lasting relief. That all changed when I discovered the Med-Mizer bed and its revolutionary Trendelenburg feature."

Sid L. [Verified☆]

"Elevating the head of the bed slightly using the Trendelenburg setting seemed to open up his airways and improve his breathing. The change was nothing short of astonishing. I no longer find myself tossing and turning, hoping for a few moments of silence. Instead, we both enjoy nights of uninterrupted sleep, and the difference in our energy levels during the day is truly remarkable."

Renee F. [Verified☆]

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