To start, we knew nothing about the fitness industry beyond being a gym rat and running an occasional Spartan or Ragnar race. Brian owns a metal manufacturing company and was a friend. I saw the guts of the treadmill on his production floor. He had made the non-motorized treadmill and was promoting it as a premium “green” treadmill. I jumped on and immediately noticed how smooth and natural it was. Similar to a Bosu ball, when I got my balance, I could feel the perfect sweet spot to move the belt quickly. I have a fused ankle from an injury, and this was the first experience I’ve had running on a treadmill that felt pain-free and natural. I was intrigued.

     We took the prototype to the most renowned running training professional we could find. Dr. Mark Cucuzella, is a medical Doc, he ran 30 years of marathons in under 3hrs and develops the running training for the Air he knows his stuff. The second he got on it he’s said “Wow this will teach people how to run. You have to have good form to make it go …you can feel when you’re not in the right position”. He told me the reason my ankle felt so good was that I was running correctly, putting less stress on my joints. It made total sense. We now have published and unpublished studies that prove this, but at that time, what we felt, and Dr. Mark’s endorsement was proof enough. The TrueForm would change running.

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