Throne Buttler Powered Toilet Lift Chair TLFE001


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Introducing the Throne Buttler – an advanced lift chair designed for easy toilet use. Its unique lift-and-tilt mechanism imitates the natural way we go from sitting to standing.

Key Details

  • Easy Installation: Just remove the old toilet seat, slide in the Throne Buttler, plug it in, and it's good to go.
  • Stability: Built with a strong steel frame, the Throne Buttler includes well-placed handgrips for stability.
  • Illuminated Controls: Lit by bright LED buttons, the controls are easy to see and can be easily used with a finger or controlled remotely by a caregiver.
  • Multiple Stopping Positions: The smooth movement of its motors offers various stopping positions, so you can adjust it to your preference.

Who's The Throne Buttler For?

  • This smart bathroom solution ensures a smooth and comfortable toileting experience, perfect for people who struggle with standing, have limited hand control, or balance problems.
  • The Throne Buttler is a fantastic upgrade for bathrooms, especially if you have conditions like severe arthritis, ongoing lower back pain, difficulty putting weight on your knees or hips, or are recovering from surgery. No need to call for help in the middle of the night just to get up from the toilet.


  • Elongated Toilets: Exclusively designed for elongated toilets.
  • User Height: This product is tailored to accommodate users with a height of 5’4” and above.
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 350 lbs.
  • Weight of Product: 70 lbs.
  • Width of Product: 26"
  • Depth of Product: 25"
  • Sitting Height: 19"
  • Overall Product Height: 29" to the top of handles (in the down position)
  • Overall Product Height: 34" to the top of hand control, 37 inches (in the up position)
  • Electrical Requirements: 1A, 110v, 60Hz
  • Power Cord: 10 ft. in length, equipped with built-in GFCI
  • Installation: Requires no permanent attachment; self-supporting structure around the existing toilet.
  • Cycle Time: Approximately 25 seconds
  • Noise Level: 64 dB
  • USA Made: Proudly crafted in the USA.

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