We're Not Just Innovators, We're Caretakers
Throne Buttler isn’t just backed by industry expertise, it’s built on the personal experience of taking care of others. Certainly a registered nurse and a mechanical engineer may not be the most conventional team behind an automated toilet seat lift but then again, Throne Buttler is not your average toilet lift. With its exceptional engineering, intuitive design, and convenient setup, we don’t just stand behind our product, we sit on it.
Todd Humbert
Todd is a mechanical engineer with 20+ years of experience designing safety products for the aerospace and defense industry. Following the two strokes and hip replacements of his
father and father-in-law, he set out to create an assistive device to give them back their dignity.
Elizabeth Humbert
Elizabeth has 20+ years of nursing experience, including taking care of her own father, who, after a stroke and hip replacement, required physical assistance addressing his most basic needs.  Unable to lift him herself, she turned to Todd to develop a safe product that could.
Our Inspiration
Throne Buttler was created in 2019 by a mechanical engineer and a registered nurse, who experienced firsthand the unspoken hardships of caring for elderly parents. Ultimately, after two bathroom-related falls that resulted in two broken hips, this husband and wife duo decided it was time to seek out some at-home assistance.
However, their search for a decent toilet seat lift left them deeply disappointed. Overpriced, poorly built and hardly convenient, the mainstream market of medical supplies left them wondering why there wasn’t a better option available.
So they created their own. 
Throne Buttler is built by caretakers for caretakers, giving toilet users the gift of confidence in the commode. It’s backed by science and built by compassion, so you and your loved ones can get the relief you deserve. Don’t settle for second best.   Get Throne Buttler and reclaim your rightful place.

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