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With its solid wood construction that surpasses all bed safety standards, the SleepSafe II Medium Bed provides a tall floor to rail height of 45¾", giving significant peace of mind. It is an excellent choice for individuals who are moderately active during their sleep or at bedtime, as the added height of this safety bed offers a secure sleeping space to prevent falls and wandering at night. The SleepSafe II Medium Bed is available in three sizes, along with four foundations and multiple factory-installed options based on your requirements. You can start building the SleepSafe II Medium Bed for your loved one by checking out the options below. This SleepSafe II Medium Bed package includes both a mattress and a box spring.

Key Details

  • Made To Order: SleepSafe makes their beds to order, guaranteeing high quality.
  • Moderate Activity Sleep Support: This safety bed is designed for individuals with moderate activity during sleep, providing enhanced security.
  • Heightened Safety Measures: The increased bed height offers a secure sleeping area, effectively preventing falls and nighttime wandering.
  • Variety of Finish Colors: Choose from six attractive finish colors, ensuring the bed complements your decor and personal style.
  • Customizable Height Adjustment: Utilize the hi-lo adjustment feature to customize the bed's height, tailoring it to your preferences and needs.
  • Optimal Comfort Adjustments: Both head and foot sections are adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect comfort angle.
  • Flexible Safety Rail Options: Three safety rail height choices cater to individuals with varying levels of activity, ensuring safety without constraint.
  • Comprehensive Entrapment Prevention: The bed's design eliminates gaps in the mattress and rails, effectively preventing entrapment and minimizing injury risks.

Foundation Options / Functions

  1. The FIXED FOUNDATION provides a foundation without any articulation or HI-LO features, offering a fixed height. The mattress is placed flat on a box spring or bunkie board.

The only difference the boxspring and the bunkie board is the depth of each. A bunkie board offers approximately 5″ more of safety rail protection.

       2. The MANUAL FOUNDATION presents four options that utilize hand cranks powered by a hydraulic system, requiring minimal effort from the caregiver operating them. The cranks are user-friendly and easy to use.

  • The Manual Hi-Lo Foundation, lacking an Articulating feature, can raise or lower the mattress height using a single crank situated below the safety rail on the front panel of the bed.
  • The Manual Articulating Foundation, without the Hi-Lo feature, utilizes two cranks located below the safety rail on the front panel of the bed to raise and lower the head and/or knee section of the bed.
  • The Electric Articulating Foundation with Manual Hi-Lo offers electric control for raising and lowering the head and/or knee/foot section of the bed through a remote, while the height of the mattress is adjusted manually with a crank on the front panel of the bed.
  • The Manual Hi-Low Foundation with Articulating feature provides three cranks located below the safety rail on the front panel of the bed to raise and lower the mattress height and the head and knee/foot section of the bed.

      3. The ARTICULATING FOUNDATION is an electric frame that offers a fixed height option and allows for head and knee/foot elevation through remote control. With a simple press of a button, the bed's head and/or knee/foot section can be raised or lowered to the desired level.

  • All SleepSafe Bed models, whether manual or electric, come equipped with an articulating feature that enables smooth movement of the head and knee/foot section. The angle of each section can be adjusted to a preferred position. The HEAD section can be elevated from the flat position (zero) up to 70 degrees, while the KNEE/FOOT section can be elevated from the flat position (zero) up to 40 degrees.

     4. The HI-LO FOUNDATION provides a Hi-Lo electric frame as the foundation, with full articulation, allowing both the head and knee/foot section to be elevated. Moreover, the Hi-Lo feature enables the mattress surface to be raised or lowered through remote control, making it a fully electric bed.

  • Please take note that the Hi-Lo electric foundation comes with a wired remote control that is connected to the bed with a cord, and it can only operate one bed.

Wood Finish Options

  • Alder is a rustic birch with random knots and straight grain. It is moderately light with a clear, natural finish.
  • Maple is the lightest of wood choices and shows very little wood grain.
  • Oak is a bit darker than the maple, but relatively light in color and shows more natural wood grain.
  • Cherry is slightly darker than Maple and Oak but again, is still relatively light in color. Many people tend think of the dark cherry stain when thinking of cherry, but remember this is the natural wood with no stain finish, however, over time, cherry wood will darken naturally over the years.
  • Mahogany should be the darkest of the wood choices but mahogany finishes will vary significantly. SleepSafe bed use a Mahogany which is naturally lighter than typical dark Mahogany. The color will darken with time.


  • Transfer Height: 32”
  • Without Rail: 30 ½”
  • Mattress Sizes: The size refers to the length and width of the mattress. Each mattress has a weight capacity of 350 lb.
  • Twin: 38” x 77”
  • Full: 51” x 77”
  • Queen: 61” x 77”

What's Included

  • SleepSafe® Bed model of choice
  • Premium Mattress
  • Locking Casters


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