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The Pluto Pediatric Walker is thoughtfully designed with vibrant colors and rounded edges, making it appealing to children and younger teens. This rollator serves multiple purposes, assisting children in walking naturally, enhancing leg movement in those with impairments, and rehabilitating muscle strength for those recovering from injuries or surgeries. Its unique reverse posterior design encourages upright standing posture and balance while providing ample freedom of movement.

To ensure a perfect fit for every child, the walker comes with an optional height-adjustable saddle-like seat. With swivel front casters and puncture-proof tires, coupled with a reliable rear braking system, this rollator ensures safety during all their exciting journeys. Whether for therapeutic support or everyday use, the Pluto Pediatric Walker is an excellent companion for children, promoting their mobility and overall well-being.

Key Details

  • Gait Trainer: Therapeutic and rehabilitative pediatric gait trainer
  • Designed For Children: Designed to assist children and teens in walking naturally
  • Safety And Health: Focuses on promoting safety and healthy walking habits
  • Braking: Rear brake system to prevent unintentional backward movement
  • Colors: Bright, engaging colors give the walker a fun aesthetic
  • Smooth Ride: Puncture-proof tires make for a safe, smooth ride
  • Light: Lightweight aluminum frame offers substantial durability
  • Adjustable: Handlebar is adjustable for the optimal fit


Small  |  Large

  • Length: 31.1"  |  33.5"
  • Width: 25.2"  |  26.4"
  • Handle Height Range: 17.7"-31.9"  |  21.6"-35.8"
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs.  |  18.7 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 132.3 lbs.  |  176.4 lbs.

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