All REBOTEC products are subject to strict quality control during the individual stages of production. Should the purchased item nevertheless have a defect that can be traced back to material or manufacturing defects, REBOTEC shall be liable for this in accordance with the following warranty provisions: REBOTEC will replace items that are defective due to a material or manufacturing defect at its own discretion after repair or free of charge if the defect is reported immediately within one year of the purchase and REBOTEC. Deviating from this, our warranty overview according to our information sheet applies. The rejected items are to be sent to REBOTEC postage or carriage paid. The name and address of the buyer as well as the date of purchase must be indicated. The warranty does not cover defects that are due to wear and tear or improper handling. The warranty obligation expires if repairs or modifications or replacement of individual parts that are not original REBOTEC spare parts are carried out by parties other than the seller or supplying company. The warranty is only valid against the first user of the item manufactured by REBOTEC. It expires if the item is repaired or modified by a dealer authorized by REBOTEC itself or by a dealer authorized by REBOTEC. The parts replaced within the scope of the warranty service become the property of REBOTEC.

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