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Keep your scooter in pristine condition with our premium Scooter Cover. Crafted with durability and style in mind, this cover is designed to safeguard your mobility device from the elements while adding a touch of sophistication.

Key Details

  • Docking Device Operation: Specifically designed to accommodate a docking device while it is in operation.
  • Complete Back Slit Closure: Back slit equipped with a 1” hook-and-loop closure along its entire length. Ensures complete closure of the cover while it is on the vehicle.
  • Bottom-Located Side Release Buckles: Strategically positioned side release buckles at the bottom of the cover. Facilitates easy buckling, cinching, and securing for maximum security.
  • Exclusive Heavy Duty Material: Exclusively available in our Heavy Duty material, ensuring durability and robust protection.


  • Mini Heavy Duty Scooter Cover with Full Back Slit (V5411): 
  • 30”H x 16”W x 42”L 
  • Circumference: 116”
  • Regular Heavy Duty Scooter Cover with Full Back Slit (V5111): 
  • 33”H x 18”W x 55”L 
  • Circumference: 146”
  • Large Heavy Duty Scooter Cover with Full Back Slit (V5121): 
  • 38”H x 28”W x 55”L
  • Circumference: 166”
  • Super Size Heavy Duty Scooter Cover with Full Back Slit (V5131): 
  • 46”H x 33”W x 64”L 
  • Circumference: 194”

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