What Are The Top 2 Transport Wheelchairs?

In this blog post we will be going over what a transport wheelchair is, what we consider to be the top 2 best transport wheelchairs, what features make a great transport wheelchair, and where to buy. 

What Is A Transport Wheelchair?

A transport wheelchair, also known as a companion wheelchair or a travel wheelchair, is a type of wheelchair designed to be lightweight and easily portable. Unlike traditional manual wheelchairs, which are designed for the user to propel themselves, transport wheelchairs are intended to be pushed by a caregiver or companion.

Transport Wheelchairs typically have smaller rear wheels and lack the larger, self-propelled wheels found on traditional wheelchairs, making them lighter and easier to maneuver in tight spaces. They are also often designed to fold up quickly and easily for storage or transport in a car trunk or airplane overhead compartment.

Because transport wheelchairs are designed for short-term use and are not intended for the user to propel themselves, they are typically less expensive than traditional manual wheelchairs. They can be a good option for individuals who have limited mobility and need assistance getting around for short distances, such as running errands or visiting doctor's appointments.

What Are The Top 2 Transport Wheelchairs?

Strongback 12 +AB Lightweight Transport Chair

The Strongback Excursion 12 +AB (attendant brakes) is a transport chair with 12" rear wheels and equipped with attendant brakes, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It is designed to take up minimal space when folded, making it easy to stow away. By selecting the Strongback 12 +AB with its innovative STRONGBACK system, you have chosen a lightweight wheelchair of excellent quality, specially designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic seating position.

Key Details

  • Advanced Ergonomic Seating: Patented STRONGBACK Ergonomics With Easily Adjustable Posture Support In The Backrest
  • Award Winning: Exclusive, Ergonomically Curved Frame Design
  • Advanced Posture Support: Posture Support Technology Prevents Slouching And Back Pain To Create The Most Comfortable Wheelchair On The Market
  • Attendant Brakes: Equipped With Attendant Brakes To Aid Caregivers With Better Control Of The Chair
  • Lightweight Foldable: Compact Lightweight Foldable Design
  • Footrests: Swing-Away Detachable Footrests
  • Armrests: Comfortable Desktop-Length Armrests
  • Handles: Ergonomic Comfort-Grip Handles
  • Rear Wheels: 12" Rear Wheels For Ease Of Use Outdoors And On Rougher Terrain
  • High Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

What We Like About It!

The Strongback transport wheelchair is ideal for those looking for an ergonomic design. The chair's back support is contoured to fit the natural position of the user's spine. This makes it more comfortable for the user.

Karman VIP2-TR Tilt-In-Space Transport Wheelchair

The Karman VIP2 Tilt-in-Space & Reclining Transport Wheelchair is the next generation in innovation and design for Tilt wheelchairs. The VIP2 series is a revolutionary tilt and recline transport wheelchair that weighs just 36 pounds in transport mode. This design of wheelchair may be optimal for users who require a higher degree of pressure relief compared to your manual wheelchair.

The tilt and recline design allows for the user weight to be more evenly distributed on the entire body versus a standard wheelchair that can cause an immense load of pressure on the lower back, which can then lead to pressure sores, skin breakdown, and further complications. A tilt range of 0-35º is crucial in our  weight-shifting center-of-gravity pressure relief design, coupled with the 30º range of reclining back, and an aircraft grade T6 aluminum frame.

Key Details

  • Foldable: Globally Patented Folding Design
  • Product Weight: 43 lbs. 
  • Weight Capacity: 255 lbs.
  • Function: Recline And Tilt-In-Space
  • Tilt: Intelligent 0-35º Tilt Evenly Distributes Pressure
  • Backrest: Reclining Backrest Range Of 0-30º And Tension Adjustable 
  • Seatbelt: Pelvic Seatbelt Included
  • Armrest: Removeable Armrest Assembly With Height Adjustable Desk Arm Pads
  • Footrests: Removeable Footrest With Heel Loop
  • Wheels: 14" x 1" Polyurethane High Tread Flat Free Rear Wheels
  • Front Casters: 7" x 1" Polyurethane Front Casters
  • Seat Width: 16", 18"
  • Cushions: ANGEIS Anti-Bacterial Seat, Back, And Head Cushions

What We Like About It!

The tilt in space feature of the VIP2-TR is a truly unique design, made to relieve the pressure on the user's lower back. The added headrest is also used to add comfort to the user. There are also elevating leg rests included, along with a seatbelt for safety. 

What Features Make A Great Transport Wheelchair?

A great transport wheelchair should have the following features:

  1. Lightweight and Portable: A transport wheelchair should be lightweight and easy to fold or dismantle for easy transportation and storage.

  2. Maneuverability: It should have good maneuverability and be easy to navigate in tight spaces, such as narrow hallways and doorways.

  3. Comfort: The wheelchair should have a comfortable seat, backrest, and armrests to ensure a comfortable ride for the user.

  4. Safety: It should have safety features such as brakes and a seatbelt to keep the user secure and prevent accidents.

  5. Durability: A good transport wheelchair should be durable and able to withstand regular use, even if it is used frequently or over rough terrain.

  6. Adjustability: It should be adjustable to fit the user's body type and support their posture, with features such as adjustable footrests, seat height, and backrest angle.

  7. Ease of Use: The wheelchair should be easy to use, with intuitive controls and easy-to-reach brakes.

  8. Easy to Clean: The wheelchair should be easy to clean and maintain, with washable and removable upholstery and a rust-resistant frame.

  9. Aesthetics: A good transport wheelchair should have an attractive design that the user will feel proud to use in public.

Overall, a great transport wheelchair should prioritize the user's comfort, safety, and convenience, while also being durable, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

Where To Buy?

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