zPods Gen 2 Single

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The zPods® Gen 2 Single offers a secure and cozy setting. Sensory beds can enhance sleep quality in children with sensory sensitivities, resulting in more peaceful nights for both the child and their caregivers. The enclosed bed minimizes external disturbances like light and noise, creating a soothing ambiance.

Key Details

  • Safe and Secure Environment: A place where kids feel safe and in control
  • Mood-Enhancing LED Lighting: LED lighting to control the mood or shut off
  • Continuous Air Circulation: A fan that keeps air circulating to stay cool
  • Spacious Interior: Entire 6'6" interior from end to end
  • Device Charging Convenience: USB plug-ins to charge devices


  • Product Weight: 410 lbs.
  • Total Width: 4.25 Feet
  • Total Bed Height: 4.25 Feet
  • Bed Length: 7.25 Feet


Bed is shipped flat and assembly takes two people and usually requires 30-45 minutes.

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