zPods Gen 2 Double

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The zPods Gen 2 Double is a meticulously crafted bed that caters to individual sleep preferences. It features a versatile control panel, ladder, multi-mood LED illumination, adjustable fan settings, integrated Bluetooth speakers, USB connectivity, and removable sliding doors. Experience ultimate sleep quality with zPods.

Key Details

  • Comfortable Setting: A nurturing environment meticulously crafted to provide children with a haven of safety and assurance, where they can thrive with a sense of control over their surroundings.
  • Ambiance-Boosting LED Illumination: Thoughtfully integrated LED lighting solutions engineered to not only control the mood but also to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation or productivity, with the option to easily dim or turn off when desired.
  • Constant Air Flow: A sophisticated ventilation system meticulously designed to ensure a continuous circulation of fresh air, maintaining optimal comfort levels and promoting a healthy atmosphere within the space.
  • Generous Roominess: Ample space spanning the entirety of 6'6", offering an expansive interior that allows for freedom of movement and versatility in usage, whether for play, study, or relaxation.
  • Convenient Device Charging: Effortlessly accessible USB ports strategically placed within the environment, providing seamless connectivity for charging devices, ensuring convenience and connectivity at all times.


  • Product Weight: 410 lbs. Each
  • Total Width: 4.25 Feet
  • Total Bed Height: 7.8 Feet
  • Bed Length: 7.25 Feet


  • The bed arrives flat-packed and typically needs two people for assembly, which usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes (2).

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