TR Equipment Gate Bure XL Rollator

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The TR Equipment Gate Bure XL Rollator is perfect for larger and heavier patients due to its extra space and strength. For added convenience, it comes with electric drives for providing powerful aids in care and nursing. Enjoy superior stability and comfort with this durable, reliable mobility solution.

Key Details

  • Enhanced Stability: Bure has anatomically designed cushions at a slight incline that help shoulders and arms to relax. The rollator’s design helps to shift the focus from muscles in the hands, arms and shoulders to larger muscle groups such as leg and chest.
  • Raising/Lowering the Frame: To change the height of the frame, simply use the remote control UP and DOWN arrows provided.
  • Adjusting the Handles: For adjusting the handles to your preferred position, follow these steps: Loosen the screw holding the handle in place, adjust the handle to your desired position, and tighten the screw securely to hold the handle in the new position.
  • Left and Right Adjustment of Armrests: For optimal arm support, the armrests can be adjusted sideways. Here's how: Loosen the screw that secures the armrest in place, adjust the armrest sideways to your comfort, and tighten the screw firmly to secure the armrest in the adjusted position.
  • Locking/Unlocking Caster Wheels: The device comes with caster wheels that can be locked or unlocked for stability and mobility. Follow these instructions: To lock the wheels, use your foot to press down on the green pedal brake, and To release the brake and enable movement, press the green protruding part with your foot.


  • Product Weight: 73 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 529 lbs.
  • Caster Sizes: 2.9", 3.9", or 4.9"
  • Height: 33.8"-49.6", 35"-50.7", or 35.8"- 51.5"
  • Length: 30.7"
  • Width: 35"
  • Material: Steel

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