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The TR Equipment Gate Bure StandTall Rollator is an innovative sit-to-stand and rehabilitation aid, designed to provide optimal ergonomic conditions for caregivers in both acute and post acute environments. This product features electric, hydraulic and manual height adjustment, with stepless adjustment of the arm support for each model, ensuring maximum control and comfort for users.

Key Details

  • Stability: The walker has anatomical pads that provide relief for shoulders, arms and the neck and shift the focus to larger muscle groups such as leg and chest muscles instead. This improves stability and makes the walker easier to steer.
  • Easily Reachable Hand Controller: The hand controller is located such that both the care giver or user’s hands can easily reach it.
  • Ergonomic Handles: Ergonomically designed handles that are steplessly adjustable in every direction for optimum individual comfort. This is extremely important for stroke patients who can thus reach their “usual” hand position.
  • Brakes And Directional Locks: There are optional one or two-handed brakes that can be positioned so that the user can reach them from the walking position. The handbrake acts on the rear castors and the brake assembly also includes directional locks that make it easier for the user to stay on course when walking.
  • Waterproofing: All Bure Standard Electric parts have IP 65 ratings and can therefore be used in wet spaces.
  • Open Design: The open design provides the same stability but with greater room for maneuverability. The patient does not feel shut in and it makes assistance with standing up and dressing easier.
  • Sustainable: StandTall Walkers are designed to last. For example, they have extra reinforcement bands around the arm rest cushions to prevent them from splitting from impacts to the side.


  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Width: 30.7"
  • Length: 31.4"
  • Height: Manual (35.4"- 52.3"), Electric (35.4"- 51.1"), Hydraulic (35.4"- 50.7")
  • Armrest/Internal Dimensions: 9.8"- 19.6"

Which Model Is Right For You?

  • Electric Model: Bure Standard electric is ideal for users who need a walker equipped with power rise and which are capable of height adjustment once a patient is standing.
  • Hydraulic Model: Bure Standard gas is ideal for users who need a quality walker capable of stepless height adjustment but who do not need assistance from a power rise actuator.
  • Manual Model: Bure Standard manual is great for users who need good, individually adaptable walkers but who do not need to adjust the height very often and who have no need of assistance from a power rise actuator.

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