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The Stroops Opticurve elevates the indoor running experience with its motorless design, enabling personalized pacing and instant stops without the need for an outlet. Featuring heavy-duty, impact-absorbing slats, it reduces joint stress for a comfortable run. Built with commercial-grade materials, it endures high-intensity sprints and leisurely walks alike. The monitor provides to-the-second speed variability and includes Polar HR monitor pairing for accurate heart rate tracking. Despite its robust build, this treadmill is easily portable, seamlessly transitioning to different gym areas without requiring a team for relocation.

Key Details

  • Motorless Treadmill: The Stroops Opticurve is a self-propelled treadmill, eliminating the need for a motor and offering a unique workout experience.
  • Curved Surface: Designed with a curved surface, it provides an optimal stride path for users during their running sessions.
  • Winter Training for Distance Runners: Ideal for distance runners training in the winter months, providing a reliable and effective running option.
  • Rehabilitation for Runners: Suitable for runners rehabbing and transitioning back to outdoor pavement running, offering a versatile rehabilitation tool.


  • Weight: 242.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 30.3 x 64.5 x 64.6 in.

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