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Discover the revolutionary ROPEFLEX RX4400 for an unparalleled workout experience. Challenge yourself with APEX performance that redefines fitness. This cutting-edge equipment blends progressive resistance technology with an incline treadmill, offering a unique cardio and resistance combo. Suitable for all levels, RX4400 provides ergonomic movements and low-impact incline training. Its modular design allows independent use for cardio or resistance, delivering efficiency up to 5 times more than conventional workouts. Break free from traditional exercise – dare to take the challenge!

Key Details

  • Progressive Resistance: Automatically adjusts resistance, ranging from 30lbs up to 450lbs, based on pulling speed and intensity.
  • Hand-Made Rope: Grip our durable, polyester-weaved rope, hand-made for quality. Soft on hands and easy-to-clean. Available in black or burgundy-black colors.
  • Transport Wheels with Retractable System: Equipped with a 4-wheel retractable system for easy positioning. The RX4400 can be positioned by a single person. Retraction system provides stability during use.
  • Adjustable Angle: Challenge yourself with a 50-degree angle or go extreme with the 60-degree configuration.
  • Independent Drives: Resistance on the tread belt is independent of the rope pulling drum. Adjusts progressively based on the weight and intensity of the user.


  • Weight: 385 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 90"L x 42"W x 90"H

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