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The benefits of climbing rope are no longer the exclusive province of elite athletes with the RX2500 ORYX™. Now, safe and effective rope-pulling exercise is available to athletes, students, fitness enthusiasts, and even for injury-rehabilitation purposes. No need to worry about the risks and inconvenience of hanging rope from the ceiling. The seat offers added stability and safety, and it is removable for wheelchair-accessibility. Progressive resistance™ adjusts to the needs of users of all fitness levels.

Key Details

  • Hand-Made Rope: Grip our durable, polyester-weaved rope, hand-made for quality. Soft on hands and easy-to-clean. Available in black or burgundy-black colors.
  • Progressive Resistance: Automatically adjusts resistance (10lbs to 200lbs) based on pulling speed and intensity.
  • Adjustable Pulley: 8-position pop-pin enables vertical, horizontal, and diagonal pull configurations. Ideal for a full-body workout.
  • Compliant and Mobile: Standard ADA compliant removable seat for accessibility. Transport wheels for easy unit positioning.
  • Standing or Sitting Rope Pulling Positions: Versatile options for varied workouts.
  • Compatible with HiperVision Virtual Training System: Interactive training system available as an ADD-ON. Suitable for club members, group training, and individuals.


  • Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 48"L x 35"W x 91"H

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