RopeFlex Braided Heavy Jump Rope | XLR40


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Our handmade ropes are of the highest quality polyester material, same material we use on our endless rope trainers. Proudly made from start to finish at our California factory we hand stitch our ropes and pre-condition them for long-life using our proprietary process. 

Key Details

  • Mag-Handles (Optional): Exclusive patent-pending leather handles with magnets for easy storage.
  • Steel Surface Compatibility: Touch handles to any steel surface for convenient hanging.
  • In-house Manufacturing Benefits: Choose from a variety of finishing options, from SURE-GRIP clean stitch to premium genuine leather.
  • MAG-HANDLE Technology: All leather handles incorporate our MAG-HANDLE technology.
  • Premium Polyester HEAVY JUMP Ropes: Available in various colors, weighing up to 4 lbs.
  • Easy Grip: 1.3 inch (33 mm) diameter for easy grabbing.
  • Lighter SPRINT Ropes: Also available for different preferences.
  • Replaceable Genuine Leather Sheaths: Extend the life of your rope.
  • Easy Replacements: Order replacements from us when needed.


  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Length: 9ft or 10ft
  • Diameter: 1.3"

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