PVI Prairie View Industries Elev8 Adjustable Ramps

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  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed for doorways that swing out or in
  • Adjustable to fit range of threshold rises
  • Durable welded construction
  • Slip resistant grooved aluminum
  • Accommodates wheelchairs and scooters with various wheel configurations
  • Aligns directly against the door
  • Easy to Install!!


Item Number Length Width Threshold Height Weight Capacity*
ATH1232 12" 32" 1 3/8"-2" Rise 6 lbs. 800 lbs.
ATH1236 12" 36" 1 3/8"-2" Rise 8 lbs. 800 lbs.
ATH2432 24" 32" 2 3/8"-3½" Rise 12 lbs. 800 lbs.
ATH2436 24" 36" 2 3/8"-3½" Rise 14 lbs. 800 lbs.
ATH3632 36" 32" 3"-6" Rise 19 lbs. 800 lbs.
ATH3636 36" 36" 3"-6" Rise 21 lbs. 800 lbs.
ATH4832 48" 32" 4"-6" Rise 26 lbs. 800 lbs.
ATH4836 48" 36" 4"-6" Rise 28 lbs. 800 lbs.

* Maximum Ramp Capacity: 400 lbs. Single axle – 800 lbs. Two axles.


1. Always have a qualified assistant present when using any portable ramp.

2. Never exceed a slope greater than 2" on 12" with an occupied chair or
scooter. Never exceed a slope greater than 3" on 12" with an unoccupied chair or scooter.

3. Always make sure that top of ramp is secured on step or landing before
It using. It may be necessary to anchor top of ramp to landing surface with steel security pins provided.

4. Make certain there is adequate head clearance prior to loading an
occupied chair or scooter into a vehicle.

5. Always follow manufacturer recommendations for chair or scooter.

6. Always use your lap belt.

7. Slope Recommendations:

    1:12 SLOPE
            l. The ADA recommended slope for long (up to 30') home and commercial ramps.
            2. Works for most strong, unassisted manual chair users, although PVI always recommends assistance.

     2:12 SLOPE
           1. Maximum acceptable grade for portable ramp use by occupied
chairs and scooters with a qualified assistant.

     3:12 SLOPE
           1. For loading unoccupied chairs and scooters.

           1. PVI does NOT recommend.

To determine the length of ramp for your application, first you will need
to determine the rise. The rise is the vertical measurement between the
ground and where the top of the ramp is going to sit.

Prairie View Industries recommends NOT to exceed a 2:12 slope on
most applications. Some ramps may need to meet ADA (1:12 slope)
requirements that are specified by your state. If your rise is over 24", please
contact your local dealer about our modular ramp system.

To find a 2:12 slope, take total amount of rise and divide by 2.

If you have a 12" rise, divide by 2 and the resulting number would be the length of ramp which is required in feet or you would need a 6' ramp.

A 1:12 slope would require
foot of ramp for every inch of rise.

Note: Consideration must be taken if the ground is not
level and slopes away from the rise where ramp PUE will be placed.

Please contact your dealer for evaluation on these applications.



Step #1 Measure the rise of your application.
Step #2 Determine your maximum slope.*
Step #3 Pick the proper ramp length, based on your selections, in the graph below.





"We love the Elev8 ramps because they allow us to fit a customer’s doorway without having to bring dozens of ramps. The build quality is great and they look pretty good as well."

Ryan Penn

Mobility123, Absecon, NJ

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