Parks Health Kalmia Perfect-Height Hi-low Adjustable Bed

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Experience the remarkable blend of hospital-grade functionality and unmatched comfort with this beloved adjustable bed. This exceptional bed, highly regarded by our staff, stands out from conventional options due to its remarkable hi-low feature. With a simple press of a button, you can effortlessly elevate or descend the bed by 10 to 20 inches. Bid farewell to the difficulties of climbing into a bed that's either too high or too low – this bed effortlessly adjusts to meet your individual needs.

Key Details

  • Perfect Position: This bed offers a multitude of adjustable features. With the wireless hand control, you can effortlessly raise the head of the bed, lift the legs, or switch to zero gravity mode for spinal relief. What's even better is the stabilization technology that keeps the head of the bed in place when transitioning between positions. When you raise the head, the bed remains stationary, ensuring convenient access to your nightstand and other necessities.
  • Ultimate Mattress: The mattress features memory-style foam, providing a cozy and supportive surface for sleep or relaxation. It maintains a pleasant microclimate throughout the night by actively eliminating excess heat and moisture. For an enhanced level of relaxation, the mattress also includes built-in massage functions.



  • Weight Capacity:  400  |  500  |  500 LBS.
  • Product Weight:  350  |  460  |  470  LBS.
  • Width:  36"  |  54"  |  60"
  • Length:  80"  |  80"  |  80"
  • Height Range:  10" to 20"  |  10" to 20"  |  10" to 20"


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