Med-Mizer Freedom Flex Chair


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The Med-Mizer FreedomFlex Wheelchair is a versatile and affordable mobility solution, promoting independence with customizable features. It enables users to move independently, socialize, and participate in daily activities, offering tailored comfort and support. An excellent, cost-effective choice for wheelchair users.

Key Details

  • American-Made Quality: Embrace the assurance of American craftsmanship, ensuring high-quality standards in every aspect of the chair's design and production.
  • Increased Patient Independence and Mobility: Our mobility solution is designed to significantly improve patient independence and mobility, promoting a more active and engaged lifestyle.
  • Customized Contours for Ultimate Accommodation: The device is meticulously crafted to adapt to the unique needs of each individual user, ensuring unparalleled comfort and accommodation.
  • Adjustable Components for a Perfect Fit: With easily adjustable components, our solution guarantees a precise fit for every patient, enhancing both comfort and effectiveness.
  • Ease of Maneuverability: The system is engineered to be effortlessly maneuvered, providing a seamless experience for both patients and caregivers alike.
  • Convenience for Patients and Caregivers: Our mobility solution is designed with the convenience of both patients and caregivers in mind, streamlining daily activities and enhancing overall satisfaction.


  • Frame: Gauge Steel 11 ga-16 ga
  • Degree of Tilt: 18 Degrees
  • Seat Width: 16", 20", 24"
  • Seat Depth: 15.5"-18"
  • Seat Height: 12.5"-17.5"
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.




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