Maya Bath Platinum Catania Steam Shower

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Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with the Catania Steam Shower, featuring acupressure massage, aromatherapy, foot massage, and a luxurious rainfall ceiling shower. Stay entertained with Bluetooth, FM Radio, MP3 Player, a high-quality speaker system, 12" Smart TV, and telephone integration. Crafted with durable fiberglass backing, solid stainless steel fixtures, and tempered glass, this corner-fit unit maximizes bathroom space while offering strength and elegance. Experience the pinnacle of luxury and functionality in one exquisite package.

Key Details

  • 12" inch Smart TV: Enjoy live entertainment while indulging in your shower or bath.
  • Aromatherapy: Infuse your shower experience with soothing scents to enhance relaxation and well-being.
  • MP3 / CD Player Compatible: Set the mood with your favorite music or audio books for a personalized experience.
  • FM Radio and Audio Frequency Input: Tune in to your preferred radio stations or connect external audio sources for added entertainment options.
  • Whirlpool Bathtub: Immerse yourself in a luxurious bath equipped with 2 headrests and 27 jets, delivering a powerful hydro massage for ultimate relaxation.
  • Acupressure Massage: Target specific pressure points with 6 back massage jets inside the Steam Shower Unit, providing relief and relaxation.
  • Foot Massage: Experience the combined benefits of mechanical force and hydro pressure to soothe tired feet and promote relaxation.
  • Rainfall Ceiling Shower: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the gentle cascade of water from the ceiling, surrounded by chromotherapy mood lighting for added ambiance.
  • Computerized LCD Control Display: Easily manage various features such as power, lights, fan, radio, and more for personalized comfort and convenience.
  • Hands-Free Telephone: Stay connected without leaving the comfort of your shower, allowing for uninterrupted relaxation.
  • Emergency Alarm: Ensure safety with a one-push emergency alert system, providing peace of mind during your shower or bath.
  • Automatic Safety Shutoff: Enjoy worry-free relaxation with built-in protection against overheating, enhancing safety for users.
  • Chromotherapy Mood Lighting: Set the ambiance with mood-lifting colors, promoting relaxation and enhancing the overall shower experience.
  • Fog Free Mirror: Maintain clarity even in steamy conditions, ensuring visibility for grooming and personal care.
  • Underwater LED Lights: Enhance the atmosphere with romantic lighting, creating a soothing and immersive environment.
  • Surround Sound Speakers: Immerse yourself in high-quality audio integrated with various features, elevating your shower or bath experience to new heights of comfort and luxury.


  • Dimensions: 71 × 38 × 88 in
  • Product Material: 100% Acrylic with Fiberglass Reinforcement, Stainless Steel Framing and Fixtures, Tempered Glass Panels
  • Person Count: 2 Person
  • Bathtub Heater: Included
  • Number of Jets: 33
  • Tub Capacity: 55 to 95 Gallons
  • Water Depth: 16"
  • Mounting Type: Free Standing (On Floor)
  • Hardware Kit: Included
  • Unit Shape: Corner
  • Door Type: Sliding doors
  • Drain: 1.5" Flexible Hose Drain
  • Water Supply Connection: .5" Hot/Cold Flexible Hose
  • Steamer Wattage: 5000W
  • Electrical Requirements: 2 Dedicated 220V Lines, 40A, 16A

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