Master Massage Equipment Triangular Basalt Hot Stone for Pressure Point Trigger Point Tool

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Our Triangular pressure point stone, made from natural Black Basalt rock, is an ergonomically designed deep tissue massage tool. It enhances therapists' ability to perform focused, deep work with minimal physical exertion, reducing the risk of occupational injuries. The use of Black Basalt ensures prolonged heat retention and minimal radiation, making it a healthier and more beneficial choice. Crafted through traditional handcraft without the application of wax, dyestuff, or chemicals, this stone is particularly effective on tense muscles.

Key Details

  • Ergonomic Design for Practitioner Well-Being: Reduces strain and prevents over-use injuries in practitioners' hands. Extends the careers of massage therapists by avoiding direct use of the thumb and ensuring even pressure.
  • Effective Muscle Pressure Application: Popularly used to apply pressure to muscles, releasing tension.
  • Superior Heat Retention and Mineral Content: Excellent for holding heat for extended periods. Rich with iron and magnesium, enhancing the therapeutic benefits.

  • Crafted with Precision: Shaped and polished through traditional handcraft. No wax, dyestuff, or chemicals applied during production.

  • Pure and Natural Composition: 100% Natural Black Basalt, free from wax, dyestuff, chemicals, and radiation.


  • Size: 5" x 1.8" x 1.2".
  • Packaged in sets of 2 pieces per box.

Benefits And Effects

  • Optimized Blood Circulation: Increases circulation, facilitating maximum blood flow for optimum body function. Vaso-dilation of blood vessels causes an increase in blood flow throughout the body.

  • Energetic Boost for Efficient Functioning: Provides essential energies for efficient bodily functions. Increases pulse rate, prompting faster heart pumping.

  • Enhanced Metabolism and Detoxification: Boosts cell metabolism, accelerating nutrient and toxin processing. Increases lymphatic function, promoting detoxification, cleansing, and elimination.

  • Balancing and Relaxing Effects: Creates a feeling of balance and harmony. Induces a deeper sense of relaxation in clients more quickly.

  • Ease of Therapeutic Application: Less tiring for the therapist.

What is Basalt?

  • Natural Formation in Volcanoes: Basalt Rock originates deep within a volcano, gaining natural properties over hundreds of million years. Formed as the volcano erupts through the earth mantle, creating a grey-black, fairly lightweight stone.

  • Rich in Iron and Magnesium: Basalt contains pores on its surface that become smaller and denser towards the center. Boasts a fine-grained, crystalline texture, rich in iron and magnesium.

How Our Stones Are Produced

  • Artisanal Stone Processing: Stones are crafted from organic grey stone plates, undergoing cutting, shaping, and sanding for perfection. Each stone is meticulously handmade, with extensive care and polishing for a high-quality finish and deep natural coloring.

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