Kinetec Centura Lite – Single Motor Shoulder CPM Machine

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The Kinetec Centura Lite™ offers a home-based solution for Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) therapy. It's compact, lightweight, and designed for ease of use at home, ensuring patient comfort and compliance.

Key Details

  • Extremely Compact And Lightweight: Ideal for home use and transportation. Enhanced, foam-covered chair for patient comfort.
  • Essential Movements Featured: Abduction/Adduction (20° to 160°), Flexion/Extension (20° to 180°), Modular design allows for additional movements and upgrades.
  • Kinetec Data Capture™ USB Technology Ready: Remote control with USB technology for data capture. Enables tracking patient progress and pre-programming rehabilitation protocols.


  • Automatic Parameter Reset: Prevents incompatible range of motion for patient's condition.
  • Load Reverse: Ensures patient safety during excessive force on the joint.
  • Parameter Adjustment Lock: Allows locking of parameter adjustments.
  • Precise Parameter Adjustment: Ensures precise adjustment of movement parameters.
  • Modulation: Manual setting of ROM end-point based on patient tolerance.
  • ROM By-Pass: Manual setting based on new patient tolerance for progressive range of motion work.
  • Force Security Feature: Allows movement reversal following muscular contraction.
  • Pauses: Pauses at movement limits for improved outcomes.
    Type BF Class II Electrical Device.
  • Speed: 50° to 140° per minute.
  • Weight: 297 lbs.
  • Device Size (L x W x H): 22 x 39 x 30 in.
  • Patient Sizing: From 4.6 ft. to 6.2 ft.
  • User Weight: 97lbs.

Additional Information

User Warranty: Full 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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