Kinetec Breva Ankle CPM Machine

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The Kinetec Breva Ankle CPM Machine aids in range of motion therapy post-orthopedic surgery, promoting ankle joint mobility and increasing flexibility. Usable in both seated and lying positions, it offers convenient adjustment via a deluxe hand control. This machine quietly and smoothly rotates the foot side-to-side or flexes and extends it, effectively mobilizing fractures, joints, and treating Achilles tendon lesions.

Who Is It For?

  • The Kinetec Breva Ankle CPM Machine is designed for post-treatment application following fractures of the malleolar, talar, calcaneal, and tibial pilon. Additionally, it facilitates range of motion therapy for addressing Achilles tendon lesions, as well as injuries to the lateral or medial collateral ligaments. Furthermore, it supports surgical lengthening of the Achilles tendon.

Key Details

  • Passive Mobilization of Fractures: Malleolar fractures, Tibial pilon fractures, Talar fractures, Calcaneal fractures
  • Mobilization after Treatment of Lesions: Achilles tendon, Lateral collateral ligament, Medial collateral ligament, Surgical lengthening of the Achilles tendon for post-traumatic stiffness
  • Remote Control Storage: Dedicated place for storage when machine is not in use or during transport
  • Parameter Lock: Possibility to lock parameter adjustments
  • Exclusive Load Reserve: Ensures patient protection against excessive force on the joint
  • Patient Control: Ability to stop and reverse movement at any time


  • Foot Sizing: Ranges from 19 cm (7 inches) to 29 cm (11 inches)
  • Weight: 27.5 lbs.
  • Speed: Adjustable from 50 to 150 per minute
  • Size: Β 22 x 15 x 18 inches
  • Voltage: Operates within a range of 100 to 240 Volts at 50/60Hz
  • Electrical Power: 50VA
  • Class: Type B Class I electrical device

Treatment Modes

  • Warm Up: Offers gradual progression to preset full ROM
  • Modulation: Allows manual setting of ROM end-point based on patient tolerance
  • ROM Bypass: Allows bypassing preset ROM end-points during current treatment session
  • Program: Enables setup of up to 16 customized programs
  • Timer Adjustment: Adjusts session time
  • Force Work: Concentric / Eccentric
  • Pause: Adjustable in extension or flexion limit, allowing patient rest or posture adjustment

Range Of Motion

  • Eversion: 25 degrees
  • Inversion: 25 degrees
  • Dorsiflexion: 30 degrees
  • Plantar Flexion: 40 degrees

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