Joerns Hoyer Elevate® Professional Sit To Stand Patient Lift

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The Elevate is a robust and durable lifting device with a secure 440 lb. weight capacity. Featuring Smart Monitor technology, it provides real-time lifts with timely reminders for recommended maintenance in order to ensure optimal performance. Providing an improved lifting experience for patients and caregivers alike, the Elevate is the ideal solution for any lifting need.

The Elevate is designed with caregiver safety as a top priority. It features adjustable kneepad height for comfortable, ergonomic use and a rubber push pad engineered to reduce the initial push force for easy lift movement.

Key Details

  • Enhancing User Compliance and Lift Longevity with Smart Monitor Technology: Smart Monitor technology ensures user compliance and prolongs lift lifespan. Real-time lift displays and timely maintenance reminders for optimal performance.
  • Intuitive Push Pad for Effortless Movement Initiation: Rubber push pad design minimizes initial push forces. Facilitates smooth and easy lift movement initiation.
  • Simplified Caregiver Experience with One-Hand Adjustable Kneepad: Kneepad height adjustment made easy with a spring-loaded lever. Infinite settings for personalized and comfortable positioning.
  • Elevate Comfort and Accessibility with Angled, Removable Foot Tray: Angled foot tray design enhances patient comfort during lifts. Removable feature for added convenience and customization.
  • Versatility with Optional Scale Integration: Option to configure Elevate with seamless weigh scale integration. Digital display and user-friendly controls for precise measurements.


  • Safe Working Load: 440 lbs.
  • Maximum Height To Attachment Point: 64.7″
  • Legs Open Inside Dimension: 34.3″
  • Legs Closed Outside Dimension: 24.8″
  • Overall Height Of Legs: 4.7″
  • Batteries: Equipped with two (2) batteries and offboard charger
  • Functionality Base: Powered base for enhanced functionality
  • Safety: Rigorously tested to meet EN ISO 10535, the global patient lift standard

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