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The Hoyer Calibre Patient Lift is designed with the caregiver in mind, offering secure elevation of patients up to 850 lbs. It features Smart Monitor technology, providing real-time lift data and servicing reminders to keep your unit in prime condition. Sturdy and reliable, it's the perfect choice for any caregiver.

The Calibre design offers multiple caregivers an exceptionally wide, comfortable handle and articulate maneuverability. Its integrated weigh scale adds to the comprehensive utility for transporting substantial loads with ease. Achieve unparalleled ease of movement over uneven surfaces and transitions.

Key Details

  • Enhanced Caregiver Accessibility: Wrap-around handle enables easy maneuvering by multiple caregivers.
  • Empowering User Compliance and Longevity: Smart Monitor technology fosters user adherence and prolongs the lift's lifespan.
  • Effortless Movement Initiation: Intuitive Push Pad facilitates smooth movement initiation.
  • Optimized Proximity to Residents: Swan Neck style legs enable Calibre to approach residents more closely.
  • Integrated Weigh Scale: Calibre comes standard with a built-in weigh scale for added convenience.


  • Weight Capacity: Safe working load of 850 lb.
  • Flexible Attachment Height: Maximum height to attachment point reaches 77″.
  • Convenient Leg Configuration: Legs open inside dimension measures 49″. Legs closed outside dimension spans 33.3″. Overall height of legs stands at 4.75″.
  • Efficient Power Supply: Equipped with two (2) batteries and an offboard charger.
  • Smooth Powered Mobility: Features a powered base for effortless movement.
  • Stringent Global Testing: Successfully tested to meet EN ISO 10535 standards, the global benchmark for patient lifts.

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