Joerns Hoyer® Presence Pro HD Patient Lift


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The Hoyer Presence lift is meticulously crafted and formulated to manage a wide array of tasks related to handling residents. It comes equipped with Smart Monitor technology, which not only showcases lifting operations but also provides timely reminders for suggested servicing. This feature significantly contributes to ensuring user adherence and maintaining the optimal performance of your Presence lift. Together with the Stature lift, the Presence model facilitates lifting residents both from the floor and for transfers to elevated surfaces. With a safe working load of 500 lbs and an expanded spatial area, this lift is exceptionally well-suited for larger residents. Standard features of the Presence include a powered base, and the option to include a scale is also available.

Key Details

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction: Crafted using lightweight aluminum, ensuring durability and ease of use.
  • Smart Monitor Technology: Enhances user compliance and extends lift lifespan through intelligent monitoring and service reminders.
  • Intuitive Push Pad: Initiate movement effortlessly with the user-friendly Push Pad interface.
  • Swan Neck Style Legs: Uniquely designed Swan Neck legs enable the Presence lift to approach residents more closely for efficient handling.
  • Low Leg Option Kit: Tailored for compatibility with low clearance settings, such as beds, stretchers, and furnishings, expanding the lift's versatility.


  • Safe Working Load: 500 lbs.
  • Maximum Height to Attachment Point: 75.2″
  • Legs Open Inside Dimension: 40.1″
  • Legs Closed Outside Dimension: 26.4″
  • Overall Height of Legs: 4.7″
  • Overall Height of Legs with Low Leg Option: 2.4″
  • Power Source: Two (2) Batteries and Offboard Charger
  • Base Operation: Powered
  • Stringently Tested: Meets EN ISO 10535, the Global Patient Lift Standard

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