Joerns Hoyer® Power 700 HD Bariatric Patient Lift

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The Hoyer HPL700 is a reliable patient lift designed for secure elevation and bariatric care. With an impressive 700 lb. capacity and a variety of spreader bars, it is perfect for transferring patients of any size. It also features an optional weigh scale with dual-sided digital display and easy controls.

The HPL700 lift is outfitted with the revolutionary Hoyer Smart Monitor technology, giving precise records of the lift's usage and required maintenance. This sophisticated technology not only increases safety for both patients and caregivers, but also reduces lift maintenance and extends product longevity.

Key Details

  • Interchangeable Spreader Bars: Versatile design accommodates various patient needs, allowing seamless transition between bariatric and non-bariatric lifting requirements.
  • Power Operated Base: Electronically operated base ensures smooth and efficient patient lifting, enhancing caregiver ease and patient comfort.
  • Hoyer Smart Monitor: Innovative technology accurately records and displays vital lift usage and service data, promoting safety and optimizing maintenance.
  • Oversized Handles: Strategically placed oversized handles facilitate easy maneuvering of the lift, enhancing overall usability.
  • Optional Scale: Integrated weigh scale with dual-sided digital display and user-friendly controls provides an option for precise weight measurement during patient lifting.


  • Safe Working Load: Capable of securely lifting up to 700 lb, ensuring patient safety during transfers.
  • Lifting Range: Versatile lifting range from 23.3" to 69", accommodating various transfer heights.
  • Legs Open Inside Dimension: Spacious inside dimension of 42.3" when legs are open, providing ample space for different body types.
  • Legs Closed Outside Dimension: Compact outside dimension of 27.5" when legs are closed, allowing easy maneuvering in tighter spaces.
  • Overall Height of Legs: Low profile with an overall leg height of 4.5", reducing the risk of obstacles during transfers.
  • Battery and Charger: Equipped with two (2) batteries and an offboard charger for continuous and convenient power supply.
  • Powered Base: Electronically powered base ensures efficient and effortless lifting operations.

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