IndeeLift FTS-400 The People Picker Upper– For Home and Care


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The FTS-400 is a versatile Human Floor Lift (HFL) that can be self-operated or used with a helper. It safely lifts individuals weighing up to 400 pounds (181kg) from various seated positions, such as the floor, wheelchair, commode, or couch, to a full standing position. This lift is designed for home or business use, providing assistance without the risk of injury to the user or their helper. Additionally, it facilitates access to higher locations in the home, eliminating the need for climbing stepladders for individuals with mobility challenges.

Key Details

  • Human Floor Lift: Personal Human Floor Lifts, such as the IndeeLift family, are crafted for effortless lifting of individuals from the floor to a standard chair height. Aligned with ADA recommendations, these lifts feature a raised-seat height tailored for easy standing or transferring with minimal effort, catering to the needs of the mobility-challenged—be it the elderly, disabled, injured, or those undergoing rehabilitation. For convenient direct transfers, the seat is positioned 1-2 inches above wheelchairs, enabling lift-free sliding onto most wheelchairs.
  • Seated Lifts: The IndeeLift FTS is primarily designed to lift a seated person from the floor or any elevated level to a height enabling direct standing or necessary transfers. For those who can walk once standing, the FTS lifts to a seated level, tilting the seat forward to transfer weight to the legs comfortably. Designed for individuals up to 6'4" in height, it facilitates lift-free transfers to wheelchairs by adjusting the seat height to about 21" (53 cm), allowing a 1-2 inch (2.5-5cm) difference for gravity-assisted transfers from various seated positions.
  • Use as a Standing Lift: The FTS also serves as a lift aid for standing individuals requiring assistance to access high places like beds, cabinets, or closet shelves at home or the office. It safely lifts users, while standing, to a level 12-14 inches from the floor. This feature is helpful for getting onto a bed of suitable height or overcoming single or dual step level changes in the home or office.
  • Small Footprint and Easy Portability: The FTS is a portable lift that is rolled around on wheels like a traditional dolly. The small footprint allows it to be positioned in many places other lifts simply cannot go. With a turning radius of 34” (86 cm), the FTS can go just about anywhere including most small bathrooms and hallways.
  • Mounting Ramp Seat-Tilt: The FTS features a patented design with a mounting ramp seat, eliminating the need for manual lifting. Its tracking function allows the seat to shift forward as the user is lifted, transferring weight to their legs. Users on the floor can easily slide onto the lift using the front ramp or tilt onto the seat. The seat plate can be locked in a stationary position or unlocked for rotation, enabling users to reach a standing position. Two locking tabs at the rear secure the seat plate on each side of the main vertical column.
  • Wired Remote: The wired remote has a 5’ (1.5m) retractable cord, allowing the user or a helper to operate the lift. The wired remote has physical, easy-operate button controls that indicate the up and down functionality. The wired remote is stored on the FTS’s handles with the hanger clip.
  • Adjustable and/or Removable Rise-Assist Handles: The rise-assist handles have been engineered to provide leverage for the seated party to assist in the process of standing once they are up from the floor. The arms can swing away from the seat when needed. They are also removable to allow for mount assistance or a direct transfer to a wheelchair or other destination.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The FTS comes standard with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack and charging unit. Charging is accomplished by plugging the charging unit’s AC power cord into a standard AC wall power outlet, (see Preparing the HFL- 400-FTS for use on Page 8). A full charge takes about eight hours. The control system will provide a beep tone when operated and batteries are in need of being charged.


  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Weight: 84 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions- BOX- L48'' x W28'' x H17''
  • Ship Weight: 96 lbs.




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