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The Universal Therapy System (UTS) is an advanced air mattress designed to provide even weight distribution and reduce risk of tissue breakdown and pressure ulcers. Its integrated pump allows for simple installation, while its foam-filled cells and stretchable top covers ensure patient comfort and protection during movement and power outages. With its automatic weight sensing, UTS provides optimal pressure area care.

Key Details

  • Automated Weight Sensing for Optimal Weight Distribution: UTS incorporates advanced weight sensing technology that ensures the even distribution of patient weight, enhancing comfort and pressure redistribution.
  • Versatile Movable Foam Pad for Enhanced Comfort: The system includes a movable foam pad that can be positioned beneath the patient for exceptional comfort or beneath the mattress to promote optimal air circulation.
  • Integrated Pump and Controls for Effortless Setup: UTS features an integrated pump and controls directly within the mattress, eliminating the need for external hoses and pump attachments. This streamlined design simplifies setup and removes clutter from the bed's headboard area.
  • Ultra-Stretchy Breathable Top Cover for Skin Protection: The system comes with an ultra-stretchy breathable top cover that safeguards the patient's skin. This cover not only protects against pressure ulcers but also ensures a comfortable and ventilated environment.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 75"x35.5"x7"
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.

Additional Information

User Warranty: 1 Year on Mattress, Electronics and Pump
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