DWMEIGI Silverado HD MG2301 Fat Tires

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The cargo area of the electric cargo bike is strategically positioned in the front or rear of the bicycle, and it is equipped with a secure platform or box to accommodate various types of cargo. This design allows for easy loading and unloading of goods, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as deliveries, urban logistics, and personal errands.


  • 48V750W Front Drive Motor: The electric cargo bike is equipped with a powerful front drive motor, providing efficient propulsion and assistance while riding.
  • 48V14AH Lithium Battery: The bike features a high-capacity lithium battery, offering long-lasting power and extended range for your journeys.
  • LCD Display: The LCD display provides essential information such as battery level, speed, distance traveled, and various riding modes, allowing you to have full control and monitor your riding experience.
  • 48V3A Charger, UL: The included charger is UL-certified, ensuring safety and compatibility while recharging the battery.
  • Mode: PAS & Throttle: The bike offers multiple riding modes, including Pedal Assist System (PAS), which provides motor assistance when pedaling, and a throttle mode for direct motor control without pedaling.
  • LED lights, turning signal: The electric cargo bike features LED lights for improved visibility and safety, including turning signals that allow you to indicate your direction to other road users.
  • 20'' Al Alloy Folding Frame: The bike's aluminum alloy folding frame offers convenience and portability, allowing for easy storage and transportation when not in use.
  • ZOOM hydraulic Disc brake: The hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable and responsive stopping power, ensuring safe and controlled braking in various riding conditions.
  • SHIMANO 7 speed: The bike is equipped with a SHIMANO 7-speed gear system, allowing you to choose the appropriate gear for different terrains and ride at your desired pace.
  • Differential axle: The differential axle design enhances stability and maneuverability, especially when carrying heavy loads, providing better control and handling.
  • KENDA Tires 20"X4": The electric cargo bike is equipped with KENDA tires that are 20 inches in diameter and 4 inches wide, offering excellent traction, stability, and shock absorption, making it suitable for various terrains and weather conditions.

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