Dreampod Ice Bath FLEX


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The Flex ice bath is an excellent choice for athletes and anyone looking for an affordable, portable, and reliable cold therapy. Its features ensure a convenient and comfortable cold immersion experience, giving you the best possible results.

Key Details

  • No Plumbing: No plumbing is required to use the bath.
  • Safe: Built in overload protection.
  • All Weather: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Double Hull: Double hull GPR base with foam insulation for best cold retention.
  • Anti-Slip: Anti-slip surface on the floor for perfect grip.
  • Software: WIFI connection, control using the iOS & Android App.
  • Quiet Operation: Built-in self-priming circulating pump


  • Circulatory and Inflammatory Benefits: Cold water immersion constricts blood vessels, facilitating toxin elimination from the body. Reduces inflammation and swelling throughout the body. Promotes increased blood flow as vessels expand after exiting the Ice Bath, impacting blood pressure, circulation, and overall health.
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality: Ice bath experiences often lead to better sleep. Stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and central nervous system regulation.
  • Mind and Body Strengthening: Pushing physical limits trains and strengthens the mind. Combined with breathwork, it can lead to a transformative experience.

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