Dreampod Cold Plunge Barrel With Chiller


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This Cold Plunge Barrel with Chiller ensures optimal recovery and revitalization with its powerful 3/4 HP chiller unit. Perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, it has everything needed for a superior and convenient experience. Get ready to level up your recovery routine with Dreampod.

Key Details

  • Safe: Offers enhanced safety and peace of mind thanks to its built-in overload protection system. This feature ensures that the chiller unit operates within safe parameters, preventing any potential hazards or damage, while you enjoy the invigorating benefits of cold water immersion.
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality fiberglass. This premium material not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the unit but also guarantees resistance to corrosion, ensuring that your cold plunge experience remains reliable and pristine over time.
  • All Weather: Designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Its robust construction and weather-resistant properties make it equally at home in your wellness facility, spa, or in an outdoor setting, providing you with flexibility and the freedom to enjoy the benefits of cold water therapy wherever it suits you best.
  • Double Hull: Features a double-hull GPR base with foam insulation, delivering superior cold retention capabilities. This innovative design not only ensures that the water stays refreshingly cold but also maximizes energy efficiency, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your cold water therapy needs.
  • External Chiller: Equipped with a robust 3/4 HP external chiller unit, guaranteeing rapid and efficient cooling of the water. Easy to maintain temperature, between 3°C (37F) and 40°C (104F).
  • Anti-Slip: Boasts an anti-slip surface on the floor, ensuring a perfect grip even when the surface is wet. This safety-enhancing feature not only prevents accidents but also allows you to confidently step into and out of the plunge barrel, making your cold water therapy experience as secure as it is invigorating.
  • No Plumbing: Hassle-free choice as it requires no plumbing. This convenient feature eliminates the need for complex installations, making it easy to set up in any location, with the included hoses with quick connectors.
  • Software: Offers advanced convenience with its Wi-Fi connectivity and user-friendly control through the dedicated iOS and Android app.
  • Quiet Operation: Designed for tranquility, featuring a built-in self-priming circulation pump that ensures quiet operation.


  • Benefits of Cold Water Immersion: Cold water immersion constricts blood vessels. Flushes toxins from the body. Reduces inflammation and swelling.
  • Enhanced Circulation and Blood Pressure: Blood vessels expand after exiting the ice bath. Positive impact on blood pressure and overall circulation.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Ice bath stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. Central nervous system de-regulation. Leads to better night's sleep.
  • Mental Strength and Training: Pushing physical limits strengthens the mind. Mental resilience is developed. Combined with breathwork for a holistic transformation.
  • Dreampod Ice Bath and Mineral Soaker Combo: Dreampod Ice Bath and Mineral Soaker complement each other. Cold therapy and hot therapy options. Purchase both for comprehensive wellness.



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