Charme Starsleep Orin Rotating Adjustable Bed With Stand Assist

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Experience luxurious sleep with Charme Starsleep's Orin Rotating Adjustable Bed. Effortlessly control elevation and exit, enjoy weightlessness, warmth, and a soothing air massage. Stay protected with included sideboard. 

Key Details

  • 90° Out-Of-Bed Rotation: Orin's 90° rotation feature effortlessly allows you to step out of and in bed with ease. This innovative design redefines your morning routine, ensuring a smooth and stress-free exit for a seamless start to your day.
  • German Technology: High efficiency, silent, safe and stable.
  • Head Elevation: Elevate to different angles to relieve back pressure, reduce acid reflux and recover from cardiovascular disease. This elevation also provides an ideal position for reading, eating, and watching TV.
  • Leg Elevation: The elevated leg position helps to relieve muscle fatigue and increase lower body blood circulation. 
  • Air Massage: Four-zone massage and three modes to offer personalized care.
  • Heating: Heat with constant temperature for optimal comfort.
  • Sideboard Assist: The included sideboards provide an added fall prevention as well as assist in getting in and out of the bed. 
  • High Density Mattress: Designed to fit every body type. Ultimate cooling and breathability for comfort, water and stain resistant.
  • Safety Feature: The remote has a steady light during operation, which turns into a brief flash when the bed stops. The bed halts twice during rotation for safety. This provides an opportunity for individuals to adjust themselves and prevent accidental falls from the bed edges.


  • The Casters/Wheels: Only to be used when transporting the bed, don't have them on when the bed is being used/rotating.
  • Bed Weight: 330 lbs.
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 298 lbs.
  • Safe Working Load: 370 lbs.
  • Bed Size: 90.55" x 39.37" x 43.30"
  • Bed Frame: High Strength Steel With Coating Protection 
  • Mattress Size: 80.70" x 34.25" x 6.29"
  • Floor To Mattress Height: 19.68"
  • In The Chair Position From The Lower Back Parts To The End Of Mattress: Approximately 33" and then 5.9" from end of mattress to the floor.
  • Mattress Material: Technological Fabric (These are woven so the weave of the fabric is breathable. It's also a weave that looks dressed up and feels silk-like on the skin) And High Density Foam Padding.
  • Adjustable Bed Leg Range: 3.93"
  • FDA Approved: Yes

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