Canadian Timber CT MiniPOD Outdoor Sauna


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Expertly crafted in Canada, the CT MiniPOD Sauna measures 7x7 feet and can accommodate up to 4 seated or 2 lying individuals. Made with 1.5" (35mm) thick Eastern White Cedar lumber, this sauna features a spacious tempered glass door and black asphalt shingle walls. Choose between a wood-burning or electric heater with the user-friendly assembly kit.

Key Details

  • Premium Canadian Timber Construction: Meticulously crafted from high-quality Canadian Western Red Cedar, ensuring durability and a stunning wood finish.
  • Compact and Space-Saving: Specifically designed for smaller spaces, making it an ideal choice for creating a cozy backyard or patio sauna setup.
  • Cozy Interior: Accommodates up to 4 individuals comfortably, providing an intimate environment for sauna sessions.
  • Efficient Electric Heater: Equipped with a 4.5 kW electric heater that ensures quick and convenient heating to your desired temperature.
  • Tempered Glass Door: The full-length tempered glass door adds an elegant touch and provides a clear view of the surrounding area.
  • Interior Bench Seating: Multiple bench levels inside offer comfortable seating options for individuals during sauna sessions.
  • Ventilation System: Includes a ventilation system to ensure proper air circulation and moisture control, enhancing the overall sauna experience.


  • Gross Weight: 1,403.41 pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions: 84 x 45 x 44 inches

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