Bridge Bath Lift


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The Bridge Bath Lift is the ideal solution for anyone who needs additional support when entering and exiting a bathtub. This robust, rust-resistant aluminum lift is lightweight, durable, and perfect for both home and medical use. With easy-to-use controls and an emergency stop feature included in the design, you’ll be able to quickly adjust your position as you need it. Installing the lift requires no tools and can be done in seconds – so you can get in and out with ease. Safe and reliable, this bath lift provides the extra bit of assurance that most people require while bathing. Don’t struggle in or out of the bath – opt for the Bridge Bath Lift today!

Key Details

  • Extended Back Seat: The Bridge Bath Lift features a tall back seat that is comfortable and accommodating for different body types. This extra support will help you feel more confident and safe while bathing.
  • Recline: For added relaxation, the seat on the Bridge Bath Lift reclines an additional 54 degrees. This will allow you to truly unwind in the bathtub and ease any tension that you may be feeling.
  • Padded Removeable Seat: The seat on the Bridge Bath Lift is comfortable and padded, making it easy to relax in the bathtub. Plus, the seat can be easily removed for cleaning – so you can keep your lift looking and smelling new for years to come.
  • Suctions Cups: Keep your lift securely in place with six powerful suction cups. These suction cups create a sturdy grip on most surfaces, giving you peace of mind as you bathe.
  • Tub Transfer Flaps: Keep yourself safe while using the Bridge Bath Lift with its integrated side flaps. These are designed to rest on the edge of the tub to allow you to slide directly into the seat.
  • Waterproof Remote: This design prevents water from damaging the electronic controls, so you can adjust your lift without any difficulties.
  • Adjustable Height: The Bridge Bath Lift is also adjustable in height to fit different tub sizes, so you can ease yourself in and out of the tub regardless of depth.

Key Benefits

  1. Independent Use: With just one required operator, you'll be able to get in and out of the tub quickly and independently with ease.
  2. Built To Last: The bath lift is lightweight, durable, and constructed with rust-resistant aluminum so you can use it safely and comfortably.
  3. Easily Transported: Simply remove it from the bathtub when you're done and put it away until next time. With its lightweight design, one person can easily move it around.
  4. Safe & Reliable: The Bridge Electric Bath Lift features an emergency stop feature included in the design, should you ever need to stop or exit the tub immediately while in operation.


  • Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 314 lbs.


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