Aquatrek2 Pool Ramp System

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The AquaTrek2 pool Ramp offers a convenient solution for aquatic access, enabling people of all ages and abilities to easily enter and exit the pool. It comes in two sizes: standard and long. The long ramp is ideal for pool facilities with depths of 48 inches or more, allowing for a gentler slope to accommodate the extra depth.

Key Details

  • Standard Pool Ramp: Designed for pools with depths of 48 inches and under from pool floor to deck surface.
  • Long Pool Ramp: Specifically designed for pools with depths exceeding 48 inches from pool floor to deck surface.
  • Stable Handrails: Equipped with handrails for excellent stability during entry and exit.
  • Noncorrosive Construction: Features a noncorrosive metal skeleton encased in a rigid PVC skin for durability.
  • High Weight Capacity: Boasts a 600-pound weight capacity, ensuring robust and reliable support.
  • Aquatic Wheelchair Access: The Aquatrek2 Pool Ramp facilitates aquatic wheelchair access, enhancing inclusivity.
  • Aquatic Therapy Class Enhancement: Utilizing the Aquatrek2 can increase the effectiveness of your aquatic therapy classes.
  • Long Pool Rmp System: The Aquatrek2 Long Pool Ramp system is designed to reduce slope ratios, making it suitable for deeper pools.
  • Versatile Placement with Elevation Kit: By incorporating a longer lower platform and an elevation kit, the ramp system can be positioned over steps and utilized in deeper pools.
  • AQ-9000XL for Very Deep Pools: The AQ-9000XL features two ramps attached to a landing pad, making it ideal for very deep pools. Successfully deployed in Australia and Canada.
  • Three Configurations Available: Choose from three configurations - standard, long version with elevation kit, and the XL with two ramps attached to a landing pad.

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