AIMS Power Lithium Battery 24V 400AMP LiFePO4 Industrial Grade


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NEW from AIMS Power! This 24 Volt 400 AMP lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) industrial deep cycle battery is packed with power. The battery delivers efficient power for battery systems requiring large amounts of power at 24 Volts. The AIMS Power 24V 400 amp has large amp capacity in one battery and eliminates the need for multiple batteries without losing amperage. Compared to other battery technologies, this battery delivers large amounts of power, at half the weight and provides up to 8 times more battery cycles with no memory problems. Loaded with automatic safety features, such as a Battery Management System (BMS), which maintains individual cell integrity, low and high voltage protections, reverse polarity and temperature management. The battery also uses automatic cell balancing, requires almost no maintenance and includes RS485 and CAN monitoring. RS485 or CAN interface not included.

Replaces multiple battery banks, eliminates multiple cables, full amp capacity and NO memory problems!

Key Details

  •     8 times more cycles compared to other battery technologies
  •     3500 cycles at 80% DoD, 6000 cycles at 60% DoD
  •     Short circuit protection
  •     Automatic low voltage shutdown
  •     Over charge protection
  •     Over discharge protection
  •     Mount in any orientation
  •     Multiple batteries: 10 batteries in parallel maximum
  •     Automatic cell balancing
  •     High output current for inverters
  •     Battery status LED located on the front of the battery displays SOC percentage RS485 & CAN ports
  •     Power switch
  •     Built in Battery Management System (BMS)
  •     Reverse polarity protection (caution)
  •     No venting or gassing
  •     BMS temperature protection
  •     10 year manufacturer defect warranty prorated

Battery Management System:  The built in BMS is a central hub inside the battery that maintains constant voltage, current and temperature. The BMS allows for maximum charging capacity for faster charging and efficient discharging. It also communicates with the desktop monitoring software via the RS485 or CAN port.


  •     24Volt Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4
  •     400 amps
  •     Battery status LED State of Charge display
  •     On/off switch
  •     3/8 terminals
  •     Terminal covers included
  •     Cables included used for parallel connecting batteries: 41" cable length
  •     Dimensions: 32"L x 21"W x 7"H
  •     Shipped dimensions: 38"L x 29"W x 21 1/2"H
  •     Unit weight: 214 lbs., Shipped weight: 242 lbs.

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