The Best Filtration System Ever

Our MSpa Direct Current system is our most advanced filtration system yet. Featuring a brand new DC pump with specialized impeller, the system offers stronger water flow and increased circulation speeds of 1800 liters per hour, a 36% improvement to our previous system and superior to current pumps on the market. Although the system boasts stronger water flow, we’ve cut energy consumption by 30%! Feel peace of mind as our TURBO fan construction pushes foreign objects through with ease and enjoy for years to come as the new x-ring guarantees 10,000 hours of continuous operation.


Our mid and high end series also feature an additional O3 generator to target more resistant bacteria. Unlike UVC, O3 cannot be activated while the spa is in use and meant to act as an extra, and more powerful, layer of protection. The O3 generator also aids in lowering the frequency for water treatment chemicals.


Powerful UVC sanitation kills over 60 disease causing microorganisms and pathogens without the use of harmful chemicals. Our sanitizing chamber is housed inside the spa’s control box and continuously sanitizes water that passes through the chamber. Since you will never come in contact with the UVC light, this setting can be turned on while you are enjoying your spa.


Our patented inflation system allows you to set up your spa in one easy step. Press the BUBBLE and UP buttons at the same time to watch your spa magically come together before your eyes. There’s no need to install an additional control box and the self-inflation can intelligently monitor pressure to know when to stop inflation.

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