In an epic Hindu mythological tale, Ram soars off victorious in a swan chariot called Pushpak.

Challenging times often inspire unique and creative innovation.

During the pandemic of 2020, based on his experience in the burgeoning field of micro mobility, Howard Sapper realized that there was a deep need for a safer, more environmentally friendly way for humans to make short trips around their neighborhoods in order to connect. Safe, reliable micro mobility vehicles became easily apparent as the next big disruptors in the transportation industry. He quickly assembled an award winning team, and Pushpak Motors is now growing at a rapid pace. Their customer accounts range from individuals who need to grocery shop, make deliveries, or just get out and about, to large corporations who need to move their employees around their campuses.

Howard Sapper, CEO

Howard Sapper is serial entrepreneur and fervent environmentalist and currently serves as the CEO of Pushpak Motors Inc a micro mobility electric transportation company based in California with customers all over the United States and beyond. Previously he was President of Etrikeco a Florida based company. He is passionate about this work that he calls the post automotive transportation revolution. 

Howard Sapper is also a 42-year executive veteran of the music and film industry. He was the CEO of Global Pacific Records, Harmony Festival, Inc., and Extrordinaire Media. He is honored to be an officer and serve on the Sonoma County Commission on Human Rights. Mr. Sapper, the father of a daughter who suffered a stroke at birth is also a co-founder of the local non-profit Everybody Is A Star,  Howard has called Sonoma his home for over 35 years.


Peter McEvilley, CCO

McEvilley has worked for last ten years creating innovative, original, and thought provoking content for companies like Toyota, Halo, Purely for Pets, Everybody is a Star, Sony Pictures, and ABC television. He helps companies tell their story through short films, images, and music. In addition to marketing, he is the recipient of a gold record, several film awards, and a Corbett Scholarship for classical music. He resides in Mill Valley, CA, just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge.

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