Nuprodx Mobility is the market leader in mobility products in and around the bathroom, helping people with disabilities and seniors live a more independent life. Founded by Bruce Hammer, a former professional motorcycle racer who suffered an injury to become a quadriplegic, Nuprodx was born out of Bruce’s desire to have products help him travel more independently. Nuprodx designs and manufactures its products out of its fully integrated facility in Livermore, California.

Improving Lives

Nuprodx Mobility improves safety in and around the bathroom for seniors and people with disabilities, fostering a more independent life. With the most innovative design and made-in-the USA manufacturing, Nuprodx Mobility delivers the highest quality and the most complete solutions for in-home use and travel.

How It All Began

Nuprodx founder Bruce Hammer understands the need for mobility solutions as well as anyone. Bruce, a former professional motorcycle racer, was ranked second in the United States when his life took an unexpected turn in 1982. Bruce crashed during a race and became a quadriplegic after breaking his neck at the sixth/seventh vertebra.  Bruce, who also had a background in architecture, eventually began designing and creating products that would help him travel more independently.  Inspired by the freedom that the products provided, Bruce founded Nuprodx in 1998 to offer solutions to others.  Since then, Nuprodx has grown to produce the most complete, the most innovative, and highest quality in-home and travel solutions on the market.

Bruce Hammer, Founder & CEO

Throughout the late 70’s Bruce Hammer juggled two careers, the first in cabinet & furniture making and the second in motorcycle racing. In 1980 he earned the rank of number-two professional motorcycle roadracer in the United States. During a crash at a national championship race in 1982, Bruce suffered a life-changing injury and became a quadriplegic. After completing a four-month stay in a southern California rehab hospital and re-starting his life, he quickly realized how difficult it was to travel with a disability. Bruce first attempted to create a portable shower chair for himself by simply cutting apart a standard tub transfer bench, after which he put the pieces into a big suitcase. The Nuprodx line of products is the result of over 40 years of experience and determination to make products that help others live better.

David Gaskell, President

Dave has been president of Nuprodx since 2015. Dave has a background in mechanical engineering and an MBA. Prior to Nuprodx, he worked as a manufacturing executive in Silicon Valley in the technology sector. In 2006, Dave met Bruce and was inspired by the organization’s opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. Dave and Bruce began collaborating on product design and business planning, continually strengthening their relationship until they became business partners in 2015. In 2016, Dave opened the new 28,000 sq ft manufacturing and business center in Livermore, CA where he oversees design, manufacturing, operations, finance, sales, marketing, and service. Dave has helped Nuprodx become the industry leader in the bathroom mobility segment of the market.

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