In 2004, Aston Zhu, the founder of the brand, embarked on a journey from Detroit to Los Angeles in search of hope. During his travels, he encountered various individuals who inspired him. One was a car accident survivor suffering from severe PTSD, in need of a safer and faster mode of transportation. Another was a young man who aspired to own a convenient means of transport but couldn't afford a car. Lastly, he met an elderly man who wished to relive a romantic bike ride but needed assistance due to his age.

These encounters fueled Aston's desire to launch an e-bike brand that catered to people facing similar challenges. Aston delved into the electric-powered bike industry, tirelessly researching and overcoming obstacles. Eventually, he connected with a like-minded professional, and together they worked to address the hurdles they encountered. In 2016, after over five years of research and development, NAKTO entered the market.

Since then, NAKTO has sold over 400,000 electric bicycles globally, earning the support and affection of countless customers known as "Naktors." Aston's unique vision and experiences set the foundation for NAKTO, but the ongoing story is now in the hands of the Naktors.

Nakto's mission is to produce innovative and high-quality e-bike products that provide consumers with efficient and convenient transportation at reasonable prices. They envision a world where transportation is not only efficient and enjoyable but also accessible to all. NAKTO values diversity, affordability, kindness, trustworthiness, and open communication with its customers.

They have a dedicated social media user group called "Naktor Club" where biking tips, product experiences, and inspiring information can be shared. All NAKTO electric bikes and accessories are produced in their self-owned factory, ensuring top-quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

NAKTO has consistently brought electric bikes to the American market, offering a wide range of models that deliver impressive performance and value. Their commitment is to empower individuals to pursue their passion for biking without financial barriers. They treat their customers with respect, maintain integrity, and prioritize honest service. Communication with customers is always open, providing solutions to their needs.

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