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Mobile Stairlift was founded to foster inclusivity, and bring loved ones together by providing the safest, most adaptable mobility equipment on the market.

Hear From Our Founder

First off, thanks for your interest in our products!

It is our goal to provide the safest, most adaptable, and most affordable mobility equipment on the market. Our portable stair chair and electric dolly do not require costly track installation, and both are ready to use right out of the box.

For me, this journey began when I realized that a friend of my fathers was not able to move around our Brooklyn neighborhood like he used to, and therefore would not be able to participate in family and community events in the same way that he always had. This reality hit hard, and caused me to take to the internet in search of a solution.

Track-riding stair chairs seemed like the only option, but for a $10,000+ price tag, the unit would only alleviate mobility limitations on a single set of stairs. It was beginning to seem like there wasn’t anything out there to use wherever he went. Just when I was almost out of hope, a few timely technological advancements provided me the exact opportunity I was looking for.

The Mobile Stairlift's durable rubber tank-like treads allow for use on nearly any stair surface, and the large capacity rechargeable battery meant that we were no longer limited by access to a power outlet (or even a building for that matter). Both products are able to carry up to 400 pounds and can be used on up to 120 flights of stairs on a single charge.

Knowing that my friends father was one of millions of people around the world with mobility issues, I made it my priority to coalesce the strongest materials, the most reliable electronics, and the highest-rated safety features to create the most affordable, most adaptable, and sturdiest mobility vehicles humanly possible.It is my goal to help loved ones be together, and for everyone to enjoy the highest quality of life in spite of all too common struggles with mobility.

Thank you for joining me in this endeavor, and from my family to yours: happy stair lifting!


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Barry Fink
President of Mobile Stairlift Inc.

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