After selling wheelchairs for over 20 years and to over a million people I realized that wheelchairs are ugly, heavy and expensive. so we decided to build a brand that builds beautiful, lightweight and affordable wheelchairs. in late 2018 we launched our flagship product, the worlds lightest wheelchair at 13 lbs. and named it  the Feather Chair!
A light weight wheelchair is essential for traveling especially lifting your chair in and out of a car. most wheelchairs weigh over 35 lbs. also the lighter the chair the easier for a caregiver to push and for the sitter to self propel. 
In 2020 we are launching our Feather Chair XL with a 22" wide seat that can hold someone up to 350 lbs. the Feather Chair is also the lightest wide wheelchair in the world (yes, we like to say that :) 
As we grow older and live longer we need beautiful and lightweight products that will help us be more active and spend time with the people we love. 
we are constantly designing more products, all of witch, are beautiful light and affordable. we have the worlds lightest power chair and more coming soon - so stay tuned.
Joseph Piekarski, CEO 

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