After working in the mobility industry for years as a provider of foldable travel scooters and electric wheelchairs, we realized that although the category of compact foldable mobility products like the Solax Transformer, Luggie, EV Rider Transport, Geo Cruiser, and Pride Passport had grown, the fact remained that most of the owners could not easily and safely lift them in and out of their vehicles.


We would hear stories of how people used everything from pet ramps to settling for lifting them into their back seat. As a result, we designed the GoLite Portable Lift to do the heavy lifting, thus removing the possibility of injury that could result from attempting to lift 50-70 lbs, which is the average weight of a foldable scooter and power chair. The GoLite Portable Lift weighs only 25 lbs, yet it will lift foldable mobility products weighing up to 100 lbs, easily and safely. It's compact and portable making it the ideal companion. 

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