BangBang Robotics Co., Ltd, a global leader in intelligent assistive devices, was established in 2016. Our core mission revolves around creating a new paradigm in elderly care, empowering individuals with disabilities, and enhancing the lives of the handicapped community through cutting-edge technologies.

Through the integration of intelligent technologies, telemedicine, home rehabilitation, and live support, we're at the forefront of shaping the evolution of assistive devices into version 3.0. Leveraging a foundation of intellectual property and nearly 100 patents, our company is dedicated to this transformative journey.

Our diverse product lines encompass home rehabilitation, travel assistance, nursing, and physiotherapy solutions. With over 100 experiential service stations across China, our reach is tangible and impactful. Our products hold certifications from numerous countries, and they have found homes in more than 10 nations, positively impacting around 10,000 lives.

At the heart of our endeavor lies our foundational principle: to continuously innovate in technology and lead through intelligence. Our ethos is built on the pillars of innovation, product improvement, and elevated management practices, aimed at providing higher quality and more satisfying products and services to individuals with lower limb mobility challenges.

Cultural Concept:

Mission: We are dedicated to crafting a remarkable lifestyle for individuals with disabilities.

Vision: Our commitment lies in structuring a novel ecosystem for elderly care driven by technological advancements.

Values: Our values encompass Sincerity, Care, Tenacity, and Innovation, embodying the spirit of our work and our dedication to those we serve.

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