Top 3 All-Terrain Electric Wheelchairs

There are a number of benefits all-terrain electric wheelchairs provide for the user. In this blog post we will be going over the what an all-terrain electric wheelchair is, as well as listing its advantages, laying out a buying guide to follow, and sharing our Top 3 All-Terrain Electric Wheelchairs.

What Is An All-Terrain Electric Wheelchair?

Although it may seem obvious to some, It's always important to define our terms about what a wheelchair is capable of doing and knowing what you're purchasing.

An all-terrain electric wheelchair is a type of powered wheelchair that is designed to be able to navigate a variety of different terrains, including rough and uneven surfaces. These wheelchairs typically feature larger wheels to provide a smoother ride and better stability on uneven ground. They may also have additional features such as increased weight capacity, adjustable seat heights, and advanced control systems to make them more versatile and user-friendly.

It is good to also understand the limits of all-terrain electric wheelchairs. Similar to cars, they can only be pushed so far before they get stuck in the mud or damaged from extreme off road conditions. For example, it's probably not a good idea to ride your wheelchair in a lake or in a mud pile. 

 What Are The Advantages Of All-Terrain Electric Wheelchairs?

All-terrain electric wheelchairs have several advantages over traditional wheelchairs, including:

  1. Increased Mobility: All-terrain electric wheelchairs are designed to navigate rough terrain such as gravel, dirt, and grass, allowing users to access areas that would be difficult or impossible with a traditional wheelchair.

  2. Greater Independence: The electric power of these wheelchairs allows users to travel longer distances and tackle hills and inclines with ease, giving them greater independence and freedom.

  3. Improved Stability: All-terrain electric wheelchairs often have larger wheels and a wider base, which provides greater stability and reduces the risk of tipping over.

  4. Enhanced Comfort: Some all-terrain electric wheelchairs come equipped with suspension systems and padded seats to provide a more comfortable ride over rough terrain.

  5. Versatility: These wheelchairs can be used for a variety of activities, such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and more.

With these advantages in mind, we created a list of our top 3 choices for all-terrain electric wheelchairs available to you. 

Top 3 All-Terrain Electric Wheelchairs

Bangeran Mammoth EX Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair

Mammoth EX Deluxe Compact Foldable Power Mobility Aid Wheel Chair, Lighter, Stronger, Taller, Wider, Powerful Dual Motor Electric Wheelchair (Seat Width 22")

Key Details:

  • Aviation Travel¬†:¬†Convenient, Easy for the Aviation Travel. TSA and FAA approved
  • Comfort On Rugged Terrain¬†:¬†Ergonomically designed for comfort. Operate this motorized wheelchair in grass, gravel, or snow, with a long lasting battery life and shock absorber for ride comfort.
  • Easy To Store :¬†Lightweight storage folding chair without disassembling. The electric wheelchair folds up in 3 seconds and is very compact to fit in most small trunks. Has a handle under the seat for easy lifting
  • Lightweight :¬†It is just 64 lbs with a Lithium battery! The versatile wheelchair is assembled with Aluminum Alloy Foldable chair, 12AH Lithium battery, antiseptic, breathable seat and back cushions. peed up to 4 miles/hr. Ample of room with 19.5" seat cushion (22‚ÄĚ between armrests). Suitable for users up to 365 lbs.
  • Long Range¬†And Electromagnetic Brake :¬†Stops smooth and super safely. 24V 500W Motor, Max 4 mph, Range: 12 Miles, Charging Time: 6-8 hours. Front Wheels: 8 inches, Back Wheels: 14 inches. Seat: 17x16x21 inches.
  • Smooth Operation¬†And Remote Control:¬†With Ergonomically Designed 360¬į Waterproof Universal Intelligent Joystick This Wheelchair Gives You Smooth Operation and One Hand Free for Quick Stop. it has power indicator light, power on/off, speed indication, speed up and down buttons. This wheelchair also has remote control technology. With the New Anti-Leaning Rear Design It is Perfectly Stable. Has a sharp turning radius, make sharp turns easily.
  • Standard Equipped with Seat-Belt and Anti-Tipper
  • Now with the Bluetooth Remote Controller You can Control Your Wheelchair from a Distance
  • This Wheelchair Will Never Fail You on Grass, Ramp, Brick, Muddy, Snow, Bumpy Roads
  • Breathable Seat and Back Cushions
  • 8 Inch Front Wheels Make it Easy for Wheelchair to Rotate 360¬į on a 33 Inch Radius
  • Now with an Unbeatable Price. Get Yours Today and Enjoy the Free Mobility Now

Why We Like It: 

The Mammoth EX by Bangeran is the perfect all around electric wheelchair, with several top of the line features at an affordable price. You can travel on uneven surfaces, take it on a plane, control it with a wireless remote, have plenty of room with a 22" wide seat, has a lithium battery, 12 mile range, and so much more. The Mammoth EX rightfully deserves our number one spot. 

JBH D11 Heavy Duty Folding Electric Wheelchair

The D11 electric wheelchair is a lightweight and portable option for those in need of mobility assistance. Weighing just 61.72 pounds, it is easy to lift and transport, making it ideal for travel by car, train, or airplane. Despite its lightweight design, the D11 is capable of supporting up to 330 pounds, ensuring that it can accommodate users of various sizes. The chair is also equipped with an ergonomic backrest, providing added support and comfort for the user. Overall, the D11 is a reliable and convenient choice for those looking for a lightweight and travel-friendly electric wheelchair.

Key Details:

  • Tires: Solid front and rear tires - no more punctures
  • Added Support: Ergonomic backrest to give added support
  • Weight Capacity:¬†Safely supports up to¬†330 lbs.
  • Ground Clearance: 4.5" ground clearance - comparable with the top all-terrain models
  • Lightweight: Lightweight aluminum-alloy frame, only¬†61.72 lbs.¬†including battery weight
  • USB Port: Charge your phone with the attached USB Port
  • Airline-Approved: 24V/6AH *2PCS airline approval Lithium battery with - chargeable on or off the board

Why We Like It:

With the added headrest, ergonomic back support, and its large rear treaded tires we think the D11 by JBH Mobility is an excellent choice for those looking for an all-terrain electric wheelchair for an affordable price. 

ComfyGo Mobility X9 Electric Automatic Reclining Wheelchair

This innovative new design includes an automatic reclining backrest and automatic lifting leg rests that can work together or independently of each other. The customized comfort of this chair is combined with strength and endurance that is built to last.

Key Details:

  • Airline / Cruise Approved: Yes
  • Reclining: Automatic reclining
  • Leg Rests: Joystick controlled independent automatic¬†leg rest
  • Weight Capacity: 286 lbs.
  • Front Wheels: 8 inches
  • Rear Wheels: 12 inches

Why We Like It:

The X9 by ComfyGo Mobility is the only all-terrain electric wheelchair with the feature of automatic recline and a joystick controlled automatic leg rest. Not only is the X9 airline and cruise approved, it comes in different colors. 

Buying Guide

When shopping for an all-terrain electric wheelchair, consider the following factors:

  1. Tires: All-terrain wheelchairs typically have larger, knobbier tires than standard electric wheelchairs, which will give you better traction and stability on uneven surfaces.

  2. Battery Life: Consider the battery life of the wheelchair, as you'll want a model that can last for several hours on a single charge.

  3. Weight Capacity: Make sure the wheelchair can support your weight and any additional equipment you may need to carry with you.

  4. Speed and Range: Consider the top speed and range of the wheelchair, as well as any additional features that may be useful, such as a speed control or anti-tip wheels.

  5. Price: All-terrain electric wheelchairs can be more expensive than standard electric wheelchairs, so make sure to consider your budget when shopping for a model.

  6. Brand and Support: Look for a well-known brand and also check if they have a good customer support and warranty policy.

  7. Authorized Distributor: Always shop at an online store that is authorized to sell their products. Skyward Medical is authorized to sell all of its products from reputable brands.

Shopping for All-Terrain Electric Wheelchairs can be a difficult journey, so we hope this blog post will aid you in finding the right option for you.

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