Advantages Of Using A Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

In this blog post, we will be laying out the six advantages of owning a lightweight electric wheelchair and how it can improve the quality of your life.

In the United States, lightweight electric wheelchairs are quickly surpassing all other mobility aids in popularity. They've been around for a while, but their popularity has only really started to rise in the last two to three years. Prior to this, they were still very expensive—typically exceeding $3,000—and the majority of models weighed a lot.

This has begun to change over the past few years, with the introduction of numerous lightweight electric wheelchairs. The price has been going down as well as the weight. Between $1,500 and $2,500, you can now buy a lot of good, lightweight, folding electric wheelchairs.

The ComfyGo Mobility Majestic IQ-7000 Remote Controlled Electric Wheelchair (19" Wide Seat), which retails for $1,898, is an excellent illustration of a lightweight, affordable electric wheelchair. Uniquely, this lightweight electric wheelchair can be folded automatically with a remote. Additionally, the cushions and frame of the IQ 7000 are available in a variety of colors. It can drive on grass, gravel, and even rocky surfaces because its tires are resistant to punctures.

After comparing it to a number of other models on the market, we believe that the price is very reasonable for the quality.

So, What Are The Advantages Of Using A Lightweight Electric Wheelchair?

1. Storage

First, it's small and easy to store. One big advantage of a lightweight electric wheelchair is that it fits in a lot of tight spaces. When not in use, this makes it much simpler to conceal. The majority of models can be neatly positioned in a room's corner or in a cupboard without posing a tripping hazard.

A mobility scooter will frequently need to be left in an entrance or hallway. For even larger models, you might need to use an outdoor shed or use a rain cover to lock them in.

2. Transportation

They can fit in the trunk of a car. Transporting larger mobility scooters and wheelchairs is a major issue. If you plan to travel by car, this is especially true. The majority of mobility aids are either awkward or impossible to transport in a car.

They fold and unfold very easily. As a result, it only takes a few seconds for them to switch from a wheelchair of full size to a folded compact wheelchair.
They weigh significantly less than other options.

Nearly all of these Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs are airline-approved, which isn't often the case for larger models or mobility scooters. 

3. Turning Radius

Very small turning radius compared to larger options. The majority of electric wheelchairs have a very small turning radius, allowing the user to maneuver in a lot of places. Such as:

  • Inside your home
  • Smaller stores with narrower aisles
  • Moving through narrow, awkward pathways

This is a benefit that all lightweight electric wheelchairs offer over mobility scooters or larger wheelchairs. As a result, they are even more maneuverable than conventional wheelchairs.

4. Range

Most lightweight electric wheelchairs have long battery lives. On average, this ranges from 5 to 25 miles per charge.

The majority of people won't use their wheelchair for long distances. Therefore, even the lowest-priced chairs in this range are perfectly adequate. In newer models, the batteries are typically lithium ion, which means they can be charged quickly and last a long time.

5. Take It On A Trip

It's ideal for vacation travel, similar to short car trips. A solution that can be utilized while on vacation is desired by many people with mobility issues. This might involve traveling by plane. 

For this kind of travel, a lightweight electric wheelchair is easy to fold and is much better suited for travel. Additionally, most come with the required batteries for air travel. 


The final benefit is the freedom provided by a lightweight electric wheelchair. They provide the user with significantly more freedom and independence. Thses let you do a lot more in your daily life, and most of them won't need help from anyone else.

Additionally, they can access nearly any location that can be reached on foot because they are lightweight and small. This means that activities that weren't possible before are now possible.

Last but not least, wheelchair maintenance is not particularly complicated or time-consuming, although they will require occasional cleaning and best avoided getting wet.

Final Take

Shopping for a lightweight electric wheelchair can be a daunting task, but rest assured that you have made the right decision to improve your lifestyle and keep more dollars in your pocket. At Skyward Medical, they offer a wide selection of Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs, all with unique functions and customizable options at an affordable price. Stay happy and healthy. 

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